ABERDEEN, Md. (WJZ) — A group of Aberdeen High School students organized a walkout Wednesday morning to draw attention to allegations of sexual harassment and assault students claim happened on and off school grounds.

“This is very, very important to all of us,” student Lydia Wuechner said.

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Students first gathered by the front door of the school on Paradise Road before the group made their way towards the welcome sign by the entrance. There, students shared alleged harassment and assault incidents some had experienced.

Teal and purple handprints were painted much of their clothing. The colors represent sexual assault awareness and prevention.

“We don’t consent to any of this. None of us want to be inappropriately touched,” said student Amaya Brown.

On Wednesday, Harford County Public Schools spokesperson Jillian Lader said “school administrators are acknowledging the repercussions and effects the allegations have had on the school and want to ensure students know they are there to support them and ensure their safety.”

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The walkout comes just days after some students started to circulate a flyer that accused three male students of sexual harassment and assault. The statement called for the school to “get their students under control.”

“There was names associated on that flyer and as a result, one of those individuals that was named on the flyer was assaulted,” said Lt. Will Reiber with the Aberdeen Police Department.

The student who allegedly committed the assault on the accused perpetrator was charged, police confirmed.

“Since the media reports yesterday, we have had several reports of harassment or assaults that have come into the station and we are going to be following up on those specific details,” said Lt. Reiber.

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Police are asking anyone who was a victim of a crime to file a report with their agency.

Cristina Mendez