BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Maryland Zoo is welcoming a new arrival: Beau, a male sitatunga from Florida.

Beau is of breeding age and was brought in to join the zoo’s female herd of sitatungas, a species of antelope that is native to Central Africa.

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After arriving from a zoo in Florida a month ago, Beau had to quarantine for 30 days before settling into his new digs in the Africa Barn.

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“Beau has been a fun an energetic new addition, showing typical male behaviors like using his horns to dig and ‘spar’ with tree branches,” said Erin Grimm, the zoo’s mammal collection and conservation manager.

Beau’s arrival came in response to a recommendation from the Sitatunga Species Survival Plan, which helps ensure the species doesn’t go extinct.

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“We’ll soon introduce him to two females and, if all goes as planned, there will be some new calves in 2022,” Grimm said.

CBS Baltimore Staff