By Sean Streicher

LEWISBERRY, Pa. (WJZ) — Mother Nature is finally cooperating after an up-and-down start to the ski season at many local resorts.

Roundtop Mountain Resort in Lewisberry, Pa., had to delay its opening until late December and shut down just a few days into the season.

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“It can always be a little challenging here in early December,” said General Manager Brett Cook.

Fortunately, the recent cold snap is just what they needed to cure those no-snow blues.

“It’s looking phenomenal,” said Cook, “We have a ton of snow down, and those cold temperatures really allow us to put out a ton of water. The more water we can put out, the more snow we’re going to produce.”

In just 10 days they went from being closed to 100% open.

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Cook credits his snowmakers.

“We have an awesome snowmaking team that can get us up and running really quickly,” he said.

When making snow, they use a measurement called wet bulb, which looks at temperature and humidity. If the humidity is favorable, they can actually make snow when the temperature is above freezing.

Man-made snow is a lot more durable than the delicate flakes that fall from the sky.

“(The flakes) hold up much better under the pressures and rigors of skiing and snowboarding,” Cook said.

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If all goes as planned, they hope to keep the resort open until mid-March. Good news, as both beginners and seasoned pros travel from all over Maryland to hit the slopes.

Sean Streicher