By Sean Streicher

BALTIMORE — People filled churches for Easter Service—and this year something was different.

For the first time since the pandemic began in 2020, there were no  COVID restrictions and no mask mandates.

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At the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen, people enjoyed a sunny Easter Sunday.

“The greatest thing about Easter is being around family, getting together with friends you haven’t seen in a while,” Colin Green said.

People seemed to miss the sense of community.

“It was nice to see the church was full and no one had their mask on and you could see everyone smiling and singing,” Devin Franke said. “It was just nice to be with your family as well.”

Over at Christian Life Church, churchgoers welcomed the return to normalcy.

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“I’m very excited about the fact that people are migrating back into the house of God,” Dr. Hugh Bair said. “Because when people come together, it creates community.”

That’s something people need, Dr. Hugh Bair said.

“What people need more than anything else is community, a sense of connection, a sense that they’re not isolated or separated but that they can come together as family and that they can come together as brothers and sisters in the lord,” Blair said.

Meanwhile, at the Cathedral of Mary Our Queen, Archbishop William Lori presided over the service with two messages for parishioners.

“To pray for an end for the war in Ukraine, that unjust invasion, pray for the people who lost their lives and who are suffering,” Lori said. “And secondly, I’d like to offer a message of hope and a message of love.”

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That’s a message almost anyone can get behind.

Sean Streicher