By Jessica Albert

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It has been two days since a pregnant woman and her fiancé were murdered outside of their home on 23rd Street in East Baltimore on Thursday.

Even though she was fatally injured during a barrage of gunfire, 38-year-old Angel Smith, who was seven months pregnant, gave birth to a baby girl before she died.

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When the baby was born, she was in critical condition. She has remained at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Today, family members are telling WJZ that the baby’s health is improving. Some of the tubes that helped her fight for her life have already been removed, according to the family.

The shooting shocked Baltimore’s residents.

Family and friends are devastated. They have been leaving flowers and balloons outside of Smith’s house.

One of Smith’s friends, Christian, expressed her dismay over the tragic killing.

“She did not deserve that,” she said. “She was strong enough to deliver a baby and I miss her. We is mourning her right now. We is broken.”

Police say that the two had parked in front of their home and sitting in their vehicle when someone began shooting bullets at it.

WJZ spoke to cousins of Smith’s fiancé.

“Anybody who knew him, he was very loving,” one cousin said. “He trusted God. He knew God. He’s with God right now.”

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The murder of Smith and her fiancé is just one of several brutal shootings in Baltimore this week.

City residents say that it is another example of out-of-control violence.

“You didn’t know you were going to get gunned down—to go walk in your home that’s your safe place where you go to sleep and to be safe and be peaceful,” Christian said. “That’s not where you go to get gunned down. This the type of city that we live in.”

Earlier in the week, Gov. Larry Hogan discussed the violence in Baltimore, including a separate incident where police say an assault rifle was used to shoot four people in East Baltimore.

Investigators recovered more than 60 rounds were fired in the 700 block of North Rose Street.

“We gave them I think $40 million, and we’ve addressed everything that they’ve asked us to do,” Hogan said.

The governor, who has met with Mayor Brandon Scott and Police Commissioner Michael Harrison, has begun publicly asking if the city’s crime prevention strategy is working.

“I would question whether or not they have to go back and revisit their strategy on fighting the violent crime because it’s obviously not working,” Hogan said.

Police have not announced any arrests. Contact 410-396-2100 if you have information on the deadly double shooting.

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Jessica Albert