BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Lawyers for Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby and the government again argued over scheduling in the criminal case against her during a public hearing plagued with audio problems that was largely unintelligible.

A scheduling order WJZ obtained that was filed later in the day provided some clarity.

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In the end, the judge ruled Mosby’s team must disclose expert witnesses by July 1.

There will be a hearing on jury instructions and the jury selection process on July 15.

Mosby’s trial is still set for Sept. 19.

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The state’s attorney and her legal team originally said they were ready to go to trial immediately, but later successfully pushed to move the date from early May to September.

The government accuses Mosby of perjury, arguing she knowingly lied to take a hardship withdrawal from her retirement account due to the pandemic when she was employed the entire time. 

Prosecutors also claim she provided false information on mortgage applications for two Florida vacation homes in order to get lower interest rates.

Mosby strongly maintains her innocence.

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“I’m here before you today to state unequivocally that I am innocent,” Mosby said during a January press conference shortly after the charges came to light. “I intend to do what I’ve always done since I became state’s attorney for the city and in the city that I love: Fight. I will fight these charges with everything I have in me, and I will be victorious.”