Hi everyone! Today we went to the Holabird Industrial area of Dundalk, the home for decades of Maryland Screen Printers.

It is VERY possible that at some point you have had on one of their t-shirts. Could be a college one, a high school one, or even a beach one. Ever run, or walked, in a 5k or charity run? The t-shirt giveaway could have been from their stockpile.

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To me, part of the “Where’s Marty?” mission is to introduce you to people who have had impact on day-to-day life in the area. And owner Craig Pfeifer fits that bill. In the clips of the show this morning, you will see him in a golf shirt and khakis. He told us he dressed up for the interview and is usually in a tee and shorts helping out wherever needed in the 30,000-square-foot operation.

Go to their web site and search just “tee shirts.” (They have a ton of other items available, but let’s just stick with tee shirts.) The number of categories alone is staggering. Now you can see why they are easily in the top 50 screen printers in the United States.

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And the charitable slide of Craig’s business is well known. He is a standup guy and gives back a lot. And that is why Maryland Screen Printers was the perfect choice for a “Where’s Marty?” segment.

Wednesday’s location is mine by request. We are going to take a look at something I’ve always wanted to see. See ya then!

– Marty B!

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