By Paul Gessler

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore rapper Kevron Evans, known as “Young Moose,” this month settled his lawsuit with Baltimore City for $300,000.

The lawsuit alleged false arrest, false imprisonment, and malicious prosecution after Evans was arrested several times by Baltimore Police years ago.

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Evans is a prominent Baltimore City rapper who said he had multiple music labels interested in signing him before his arrests.

“I had a lot of people wanting to work with me and when I got arrested, it was like I was like a young black kid who just kept messing up,” Evans said. “(The settlement) has given me my spice back. A lot of attention I lost and opportunities I lost coming back around to me.”

Evans claims Det. Daniel Hersl, who is currently serving 18 years for his role in the Gun Trace Task Force scandal, harassed him and planted drugs on him.

“I did six months the first time he locked me up and I came home and he knew I was on probation, so he kept arresting me,” Evans said.

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Evans’ attorney Mandy Milliman says she is not convinced problems in the BPD have been fixed, saying clients still complain about evidence being planted. Milliman says Evans’ case is different from many of the other GTTF settlements because of his promising music career.

“It was his career and reputation that was really demolished by what the Gun Trace Task Force did, especially Daniel Hersl,” Milliman said. “Everything he worked so hard to build was destroyed by someone with a vendetta that we will never know about.”

Hersl’s attorney Timothy Sutton told WJZ Friday:

“Mr. Hersl maintains his innocence of all charges against him regarding any interaction between him and Mr. Evans. Any interaction between he and Mr. Evans occurred prior to him being a part of the GTTF. The settlement agreement is between Mr. Evans and the City not my client. Mr. Hersl is not a signatory to the settlement. All charges against my client in regard to this settlement are being dismissed. Mr. Evans admitted other officers played a role in arresting him in the We own the city podcast. The city had to make a decision in which they incur the costs of having a jury deliberation in this matter and they have made their decision with this settlement.”

Evans says he has new music coming out at the end of June. He hopes his music career gets back on track.

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In response to where he hopes to be in ten years, Evans said, “Kicked back with my feet up outside Dr. Dre’s house, something like that.”

Paul Gessler