BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A list of over 300 Baltimore officers with credibility issues compiled by the Baltimore City State’s Attorney’s Office contains several high-ranking officers and nearly 200 active officers as of last November, according to a local nonprofit.

A civil rights-focused nonprofit that provides legal support called the Baltimore Action Legal Team, also known as BALT, acquired the list last month after years of litigation.

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The nonprofit said that after eliminating duplicates and non-officers, there are 301 unique names on the list. Of those names, the organization claims “187 officers, 52 sergeants, 2 majors, a lieutenant colonel and a deputy commissioner, and 41 without a specified rank” are on the list.

The organization said 198 names on the list are active employees of the Baltimore Police Department, according to information acquired from a public information request made by Open Justice Baltimore last November.

It is unclear if the deputy commissioner, of which there are four in the police department, is active. The nonprofit said the list also names 11 members of the disgraced Gun Trace Task Force.

A list of 307 officers was first mentioned by Baltimore City State’s Marylin Mosby in 2019. She referenced the list of officers with “integrity issues” in 2019 during testimony before the Maryland Commission To Restore Trust In Policing, a state group tasked with investigating the Gun Trace Task Force.

Shortly after, BALT asked Mosby to disclose the list. When she declined to release the it, saying it is legally protected personnel information, BALT sued.

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Last month, nearly two and a half years later, a judge ordered Mosby to hand over the list.

The officers are not necessarily excluded from testifying, but Mosby said in 2019 her office will “provide automatic disclosure” to defense attorneys when these officers are involved in cases.

The list is distinct from the “do not call” list posted on the State’s Attorney’s office website, which includes the names of about 100 Baltimore officers who lack the credibility to testify.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison told WJZ last month he has asked Mosby to explain how officers made it on to the list , and wants to see what can be done to get their names off.

“I want to make sure that we don’t tarnish any reputations that shouldn’t be tarnished,” he said.

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But the list doesn’t contain a rationale for why an officer might be on the list, the nonprofit said. The team said it is being blocked from accessing the officers’ misconduct files by the Baltimore City Law Department, which represents the police department in litigation.

CBS Baltimore Staff