By Stetson Miller

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Demonstrators protested high gas prices and prayed for them to go down at Fells Point gas station Wednesday.  

“We are suffering over here. These prices are outrageous,” said Rocky Twyman, the organizer of the protest and prayer vigil.  

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Twyman told WJZ that the protest at the Citgo on Eastern Avenue is part of what he calls the “Pray at the Pump Movement,” a series of events he is putting together at gas stations to call on a higher being for help at the pump.   

He believes the protest will help bring about lower gas prices. He said he held other demonstrations in the past that he believes were effective.  

“In 2008, wherever we went and prayed, those prices came down. So we are just hoping for the same miracle right now,” said Twyman.  

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The protest got passersby involved too. Those participating held signs encouraging drivers to honk if they would pray for lower prices.  

“Just join in with us, and pray in Jesus’ name, for these prices to come down,” said Twyman.  

The demonstrators believe with each demonstration and prayer, they will make a difference and make the pain at the pump a little more bearable.  

“I believe by praying with action. The gas prices can come down,” said Demetrius Shockley, who participated in the event.  

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The group held a similar protest at another gas station in Rockville and plans to hold more of them across the country in the weeks to come.  

Stetson Miller