Many Baby Formula Plants Weren't Inspected Because Of COVIDU.S. regulators have historically inspected baby formula plants at least once a year, but they did not inspect any of the three biggest manufacturers in 2020, according to federal records reviewed by The Associated Press.
Inflation Rises At Fastest Pace Since 1981, Pushed Up By Record Gas PricesThe pain of higher prices continues for U.S. consumers.
Why The Average Gas Price Is At $4.99 A Gallon & How High It'll GoNext stop, $5. The US average for the price of a gallon of regular gas hit $4.99 according to the most recent reading from AAA Friday.
How Far Will Operation Fly Formula Shipments Go To Replenish America's Supply?The first shipments from the federal government's Operation Fly Formula will bring a total of nearly 1 million pounds of baby formula powder into the United States. That's just a fraction of what the nation's families need.
Biden Administration Lays Out Plan For COVID-19 Vaccinations For Children Under 5The White House is announcing a Covid-19 vaccine rollout plan Thursday for children under 5.
Like Gas Stations, Biden Administration Wants To Standardize Electric Vehicle ChargingThe proposal comes as consumers at the pump continue to pay record high gas prices.
Amid Crypto Turmoil, Senators Propose Sweeping OversightA bipartisan pair of senators has unveiled what would be the most wide-ranging legislative proposal to regulate cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, following a series of high-profile busts and failures.
Teens Are Facing A Sleep Deprivation Epidemic. Here's WhyAmerican teenagers aren't getting enough sleep these days, and author Lisa L. Lewis refuses to snooze on the issue anymore.
Gas Prices Surge 25 Cents In A Week, Reaching New RecordThe national average jumped to $4.87 a gallon on Monday, according to AAA. That's up 25 cents in the past week and 59 cents in the past month.
Democrats, Republicans Fight To A Redistricting StalemateAfter nearly a year of partisan battles, number-crunching and lawsuits, the once-a-decade congressional redistricting cycle is ending in a draw.
Biden Appeals For Tougher Gun Laws: 'How Much More Carnage?'“Enough, enough,” President Joe Biden exclaimed over and over as he delivered an impassioned address to the nation imploring Congress to take action against gun violence after mass shootings he said had turned schools, supermarkets and other everyday places into “killing fields."
Hot Summer Job Market Awaits American Teens As Employers SweatEmployees in America's vast hospitality sector--hotels, restaurants, public pools, ice cream parlors--say they cannot fill many of their summer jobs because the number vacancies far exceeds the number of applicants, even at increased wages.
With Roe In Doubt, States Weigh Letting Nurses Do Abortions Laws were enacted in Maryland, Connecticut, Washington and Delaware this year to help shore up their provider pools by allowing non-physicians to perform certain early term abortions.
Vocab Questions Reduce Spelling Bee To 3 Letters: A, B or CThe Scripps National Spelling Bee was rolling smoothly through the second day of its first fully in-person competition in three years. Then it transformed into the SAT.
U.S. Gas Prices Jump To Record High $4.67 A GallonGas prices just took another big step in the wrong direction.