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7 Public Schools In Maryland Test High For LeadAt least half of the 14 public schools near a Maryland city have tested high for lead concentrations in drinking water since last year.
FDA Warns Of Pet Owners Using Animals To Get OpioidsThe US Food and Drug Administration has raised alarm about one way people might access opioids to misuse and abuse: their pets.
Florida's Toxic Algae Problem And Your Health: 'Red Tide' And 'Green Slime'Respiratory symptoms have been reported in a number of Gulf Coast counties, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.
A Contact Lens Was Embedded In Woman's Eyelid For 28 YearsImagine going to the eye doctor because your upper eyelid is swollen and painful. The doctor tells you it's a cyst and operates. Inside the blister, the surgeon finds a contact lens: a rigid gas-permeable one.
Life Expectancy Drops In The US And The UK, Rises In Australia, A New Study FindsLife expectancy fell across the majority of high-income countries, signaling a collective and simultaneous decline among affluent nations for the first time in decades, a new study finds.
CDC Monitoring Measles Outbreak In Maryland, 20 Other StatesThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is monitoring cases of measles in 21 states, including Maryland, after noting an outbreak.
Mom Warns Others After Mosquito Bite Puts 6-Year-Old In ICU"And so it's breaking all of our hearts to see the spunkiest one out of five brothers down," LoriAnne Surrett said, reading the post no parent wants to write.
Johns Hopkins Ranks No. 3 Among Best Hospitals In The U.S.Johns Hopkins ranked third among the best hospitals in the nation, according to U.S. News & World Report.
FDA Expands Recall Of Blood Pressure Drug Valsartan Due To Cancer ConcernThe US Food and Drug Administration expanded the list of drugs being recalled that contain valsartan. The drug is used as a component in a set of drugs used to treat heart failure and blood pressure.
Study: Patterns Of Gender Inequality Start With Childhood ChoresA new study shows that gender inequality may begin with children at home -- in the form of chores. 
Toxic Algae Bloom In Florida Is Killing Marine Life; Causing Breathing Issues In Humans A toxic red tide has been plaguing Florida's gulf coast for nine months, and shows no signs of giving up.
Sandwiches Recalled In W. Va, PA & 9 Other States Due To Listeria Contamination ConcernsPremo Brand and Fresh Grab turkey and Swiss sandwiches have been recalled in 11 states, including Pennsylvania and West Virginia, due to listeria concerns.