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Here's Where You Can Find A Cooling Center In MarylandA number of cooling centers are opening in parts of Maryland due to prolonged excessive heat.
Two More Heat-Related Deaths Reported In Maryland This Week, Bringing 2019 Total To FourTwo people have died due to heat in Maryland this week, bringing the total heat-related fatalities in the state this year to four.
Shirakiku Fish Cakes Sold In Maryland, D.C. Recalled Due To Undeclared AllergensEight different kinds of imported fish cake products are being recalled due to the possibility they were contaminated by undeclared allergens.
Multiple Hummus Brands Recalled Nationwide Due To Listeria ConcernsHummus products sold nationwide under 11 different brands are being recalled due to possible listeria concerns.
Maryland Weather | Code Red Heat Alert Continues For Baltimore Through Sunday, Temperatures Could Top 100 DegreesHeat index values could reach 105 degrees Friday and 105 to 100 degrees in the Baltimore area Saturday.
Trump Abortion Restrictions Go Into Effect ImmediatelyEffective immediately, family planning clinics that are funded by taxpayers must stop referring women for abortions, the Trump administration said Monday.
Baltimore Fourth-Most Stressed City In U.S., Study SaysA new study from Wallethub ranks Baltimore the fourth most stressed city in the country.
Healthy Lifestyle Can Help Lower Risk Of Dementia, Study SaysA good diet and ample exercise don't just help your waistline. Healthy lifestyle factors may also help lower your risk of dementia, even if you have a higher genetic risk, according to a study published Sunday in the medical journal JAMA.
Five Experts Selected To Review UMD's Response To 2018 Adenovirus OutbreakFive experts have been selected to review the University of Maryland, College Park's response to a deadly 2018 adenovirus outbreak.
Baltimore Harbor Tunnel Toll Plaza Reopen, Accepting Cash After 2 Employees Contract LegionellosisThe Baltimore Harbor Tunnel toll plaza on I-895 reopened Friday and is accepting tolls after two employees were diagnosed with legionellosis.
A Small Glass Of Juice Or Soda A Day Is Linked To Increased Risk Of Cancer, Study FindsA new study has linked drinking just a small glass of a sugary drink per day to an 18% increase in overall cancer risk and a 22% increase in risk for breast cancer.
Maryland Is The Worst State For Retirement, Study SaysDespite all of the great things about Maryland from seafood, beaches, wineries, and more --- it's ranked as the worst state for retirement.