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Helping Your Cold Could Be Hurting Your HeartCold and flu symptoms can be brutal, and pharmacies are full of over-the-counter remedies.
Cold Heart Facts: Heart Problems Rise When Temps FallDecongestants can constrict blood vessels, which could be harmful to the heart, researchers find.
Know the Different Types of Primary Care ProvidersFor the benefit of your overall health, it’s good to have one medical professional who knows about all aspects of your health history and care. This person can be a lifelong partner in your care so that medical conditions are caught early – or even prevented in the first place. That’s where a primary care physician, or PCP, comes in.
Tips For A Healthy Tailgate PartyIn addition to back to school, cooler weather and shorter days, it’s football season! Whether you tailgate at the games or celebrate while watching at home, it’s often hard to maintain healthy eating habits with the typical football party offerings, and concession stand foods provide few healthy options.
Make A Resolution For Good HealthMany of us start the New Year with resolutions. The staff at the Tevis Center for Wellness is ready to help you keep your resolution for better health.
Medical Misconceptions: Hand SanitizerMany use hand sanitizers to rid themselves of germs they may have picked up on their hands. But is that a replacement for good old soap and water? In a word: no.
Discover Mindful EatingSo when did it happen? Or has it always been that way? The fact that following a delicious meal, we rarely remember the flavors, aromas and senses stimulated by a flavorful meal. Instead we often feel overfull, possibly to the point of discomfort.
Taking The First Step To Better HealthFor any behavioral change, taking the first step is always the most difficult part. And that is certainly the case when it comes to changing eating habits to improve health or lose weight.
Wellness Made Easy: 3 Basics For Better HealthWellness has 3 basic components: a balanced diet, regular exercise and wise lifestyle choices. Incorporating all 3 into your daily routine can help you live a longer, healthier life. And adopting even one of them can improve your well-being.
Skin Cancer And The Dark Days of WinterWinter is here and the days are short. It may not be foremost on your mind, but checking for skin cancer should still be a part of your routine. If you notice any changes in your skin, talk with your primary care physician.
LifeBridge Health Announced A Name Change For The Bon Secours HospitalLifeBridge Health announced a new name for Bon Secours Baltimore Hospital on Tuesday.
Lift Your Spirits And Burn 200 Calories With Quick Winter WorkoutsJust because winter has brought a drop in temperature, it doesn’t need to cause a drop in your level of physical activity.

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These Are The States With The Highest Risk For Melanoma Linked To UV RaysStates with the highest rates of melanoma cases linked to ultraviolet radiation are spread across the United States on the East and West coasts, in Hawaii and in landlocked states, according to a study published Monday in the International Journal of Cancer.
Task Force Presents A Dozen Recommendations Designed To Keep E-Cigarettes Away From KidsMembers of the task force and Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot met in Annapolis to discuss findings about electronic smoking devices, known as e-cigarettes or vapes.
What You Need To Know About ShinglesThere's a good chance you or someone you know has had or will have shingles -- one in three U.S. adults will come down with it. But what exactly is the virus and how can you reduce your chance of getting sick?
Health Experts Urge Caution As Flu Remains Widespread In MarylandThe flu season remains very active in Maryland, with the latest numbers from the state health department showing an uptick in the number of confirmed cases of influenza.
Struggling To Quit Sugar? You Might Not Be Sleeping Enough, Study Says
Bill Would Expand Maryland In Vitro Insurance To Cover Unwed WomenThe bill would also decrease the time any woman must try and fail to conceive by other methods before insurance must pay — reducing the requirement from two years to one.
Maryland Health Department Reports 29 Flu-Related DeathsMore people have died from the flu in the State of Maryland as the number of people sickened with the virus spikes. 
Parents, Grandparents To Blame For Half Of Child Poisonings, Study SaysParents and grandparents, listen up -- this is serious. More than half of children under age five poisoned by prescription pills ate them after an adult removed the child-resistant safety packaging.
Are You In Love Or Just High On Chemicals In Your Brain? Answer: YesWe call it "falling in love," as if we have no control over how we topple into that dreamy state of emotional bliss.
Medtronic Recalls Certain MiniMed Diabetic Insulin Pumps Tied To 1 DeathMedtronic has recalled some of its insulin pumps after injuries and one death were reported due to the device malfunctioning, according to a US Food and Drug Administration announcement on Wednesday.
Baltimore Among The Unhealthiest Cities In The U.S., Study SaysBaltimore is among some of the unhealthiest cities in the U.S., a new study says. DC among the healthiest cities.
Don't Trust Your Memories If You're High On Weed, Study SaysThere is evidence "that chronic use of cannabis can produce persisting decline of cognitive [or] memory function, even after prolonged abstinence and no THC in blood," Ramaekers said.