Child-Killer Taunted Investigators For 30 Years With Disturbing NotesDNA ends the mystery of who did it, police say
23 Injured After 'Lava Bomb' Hits Tour Boat In HawaiiThe US Coast Guard extended the required safety zone surrounding active lava flows in Hawaii after a flying hunk of lava hit a tour boat and injured 23 people.
Trump Claims He Misspoke About Russian Meddling In Putin Press ConferencePresident Trump on Tuesday claimed he accepts the findings of the U.S. intelligence community that Russians interfered in the 2016 election, and misspoke when he seemed to say otherwise in a press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin Monday.
New Lava Island Forms Off Coast of Big Island In HawaiiThe U.S. Geological Service says a new tiny lava island has formed off the coast of the Big Island in Hawaii.
US Arrests, Accuses Woman Of Acting As Russian AgentA 29-year-old gun-rights activist served as a covert Russian agent while living in Washington, gathering intelligence on American officials and political organizations and working to establish back-channel lines of communications for the Kremlin, federal prosecutors charged Monday.
The US Can't Find 71 Parents It May Have Separated From ChildrenWe've seen a flurry of recent activity in efforts to reunite migrant children removed from their parents.
Traffic Stop Leads To $4.8M In Drugs Inside TiresInvestigators report finding 82 pounds of cocaine, 50 pounds of methamphetamine and 6 pounds of heroin hidden in metal casings inside each tire.
Amazon's Prime Day Runs Into Early SnagsAmazon's website ran into some early snags Monday on its much-hyped Prime Day, an embarrassment for the tech company on the shopping holiday it created.