Snow, Sleet Arrived In Maryland Monday NightThe street, the ground is primed for whatever Mother Nature's set to throw our way in Maryland. There could be some accumulation early this week. 
Maryland Weather: Wintry Mix Possible In Parts Of The State Early Next WeekAn Arctic air mass currently in Maryland will start to lift up to the north on Sunday, followed by a warm front that is moving into the region, which could bring a wintry mix to parts of the state on Monday.
Weather Blog: Cold ComingAt first glance a sunny weekend with temps in the upper 30s does not seem all that bad.
Weather Blog: Breezy, MildA cloudy start will be a partly sunny afternoon. A seasonally chilly start will end up about 10° above normal at 51°. Calm winds become a breeze later.
Weather Blog: Inauguration ForecastTomorrow pretty darn good weather. Sun and clouds and 42°. A little cooler that today but still pretty darn good for a Mid-Atlantic January day. Our good run of January weather has national implications this year.
Weather Blog: Breezy But Sunny DayI cannot tell you how many times we have seen some of the chillier temps of the Winter season on this day, the national holiday celebrating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Ravens-Bills Forecast: On And Off Snow Showers Likely, Windy Conditions ExpectedGuess what, Ravens Fans: snow showers are now looking likely on and off throughout Saturday's AFC Divisional Round game in Buffalo.   
Ravens-Bills Forecast Looking Dicey: Lake Effect Snow Could Fall In Buffalo During Playoff GameBuffalo could see some lake effect snow Saturday night just in time for the game and particularly during the first half. The kickoff forecast will be 32 degrees, and winds will be between 5 and 10 miles per hour.
Weather Blog: Mild JanuaryOur run of calm January weather continues today, and we are getting solid indications it will remain calm into mid-week, next week
Weather Blog: Less Is MoreAgain, and believe me this never gets old, again we have a clear and calm start to the day. Again we have a sunny and calm afternoon.
Weather Blog: Coldest Time Of The YearWe are at the beginning of the two, statistically, coldest weeks of the year.