Weather Blog: Toasty Stretch AheadAll next week will feature above-normal temperatures!
Weather Blog | Cold Temperatures With Light Winds AwaitClear and cold and very dry overnight but with very light winds.
Weather Blog: Ready For Spring?There will be a quick-moving arctic front slide by midday, today, with some clouds and a few flurries.
Weather Blog | Windy Wednesday AheadSun and clouds and a windy Wednesday is on tap after a light snowfall Tuesday which has left frozen slush for the morning commute.
Maryland Weather: Slushy Mess In Baltimore After First Snowfall Of 2020Maryland is predicted to see its first snow of 2020 on Tuesday.
TIMELINE | When Is Snow Expected In Maryland Tuesday?
Weather Blog: Snow In The ForecastWet snow in the forecast.
Weather Blog: Rainy Ravens GameWeather and football will go hand and hand this week with a forecast for Saturday of rain.
Weather Blog: Drizzle Moves InRain and drizzle will move in overnight along with mild temperatures due to a south wind over the region.
Weather Blog: Mild Temperatures To Start The New Year!Welcome to a new year and new decade, but some things have not changed since we last spoke in 2019, and that would be the word mild.
Weather Blog: Dry Start To 2020It was a dry, and still above normal day for this start to 2020!
Weather Blog: A Calm, Mild Start To 2020!Calm weather starts the last day of the year, and calm weather to start 2020.
Weather Blog: Mild MondayThat last weekend's Saturday "feel" will hit again this next Saturday to be honest about it.
Weather Blog: A Mild FridayMild, warm, darn near hot is the best way to describe the daytime highs the next few days.
Weather Blog: Quiet For Return Holiday TravelWeather life is good.