2020 wasn’t exactly how we planned. This year we’ve all missed something. But sometimes, that helps us appreciate the things we do have.

We want to end the year on a positive note. We want to hear what you’re grateful for and we will be sharing those messages throughout December on-air, online and on social media.

Here’s some sample messages:

  1. I miss my family, but I’m grateful for _________.
  2. A picture of your kids, pets with a message: “I’m grateful for them.”
  3. Looking into the camera and saying, “Hi Mom!” (or whomever you’d like to shoutout)
  4. Not saying anything, just holding up a picture of a loved one.

Here’s how to submit to the campaign:

  1. Write your message or what you’re grateful for on piece of paper or cardstock. (Thick marker works best on white paper, but please be creative!)
  2. Take a picture or video of you (and your household) with the sign. If it’s a video, you can feel free to say your message too!
  3. Then you can submit the photo of video to us three ways:
    • Post it on Twitter or Instagram and tag us using #BeOnWJZ
    • Email the video or photo to us at grateful@wjz.com
    • Or use the form below to upload the photo or video.