Chickens and other farm animals

Photo Credit: Amanda Rodriguez

Summer is here. School is out.

That means moms and dads need to find some way to keep the I’m-boreds at bay.

Of course there are the traditional summer activities that involve swimming pools, beach vacations, and even putting a super hero sprinkler on the end of the hose and letting the kids go at it!

But, what about trying something new?

Like a fun-farm-venture?!

Feed a Cow at the Farm

Photo Credit: Amanda Rodriguez

Maryland is home to hundreds of acres of farmland and tons of them are ready and waiting for you to come on out and learn what marvelous things they have to offer.

Round up the kids, put on their overalls, and head out to one of these local farms to give your kiddos a taste of the rural good life.

It will be worth the drive, especially if you’re lucky enough to snag some farm fresh ice cream while you’re there!

Baugher’s Farm

1236 Baugher Road
Westminster, MD 21158
Hours: Mon. – Fri.: 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.; Sat. & Sun.: 8 a.m.-6 p.m.
(410) 848-5541

What we love: The restaurant. And the ice cream. Seriously, the ICE CREAM! There are few things that make a farm trip better than rounding it out with a nice meal and a big scoop of ice cream. Plus, if you have a mommy group that would love to enjoy a farm trip together, Baugher’s offers private tours that include all of the best parts of the farm.

What we suggest: Call before you go if you are planning to enjoy the pick-your-own portion of the farm. You don’t want to be disappointed with the offerings because of a strange change in weather or something else unavoidable that may have happened with the season’s crop.

Chickens and other farm animals

Photo Credit: Amanda Rodriguez

Spring Meadows Farm

15513 Hanover Pike, Upperco, Md.
Hours: Open daily at 9 a.m. (Saturdays at 8 a.m.)
(410) 239-8505
Reviews, Directions & More Info

What we love: The classic car show they host on Thursday. Great fun for a family of car lovers.

What we suggest: Take your own food if you plan to stay a while. There are plenty of places to enjoy a picnic as long as you pack your own!

Enchanted Forest Ellicott City, Maryland

Photo Credit: Amanda Rodriguez

Clark’s Elioak Farm

10500 State Route 108, Ellicott City, Md.
Hours: Open Tuesday-Sunday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
$5.00/person (children under 12 mo free)
All rides $2/person
(410) 730-4049

What we love: The novelty of it all is quite exciting for the kids (and for mom and dad too!). It’s home to the legendary Enchanted Forest, which means don’t be surprised if you stumble across tons of whimsical and vibrantly colorful fairytale characters and their homes. They have a maze that the kids love to romp through and find Sleeping Beauty, Alice in Wonderland, and tons of other storybook friends. We especially loved peering into the home of the Three Bears.

What we suggest: If you have older children (6 and up) skip the train ride and go for the hay ride instead. The train ride will be pleasing to the younger set but is not too thrilling for the bigger kids as it moves slow and only goes around the track once. Also, bring your own food (they have a small store that has snacks and drinks, but no real meals), be prepared to walk (it’s not huge, but on a hot summer day it can be exhausting), and get ready to have fun! Animals, rides, and slides galore, this farm is a step up from the traditional produce/dairy farm, and it really is an adventure for all who visit.

Amanda Rodriguez is a professional photographer and humor-parenting blogger. You can find her humorous stories of life with her three Dudes on her site parenting BY dummies.

  1. kturk says:

    My name is karen Turk, I have a 44 ac farm in Havre de grace MD, just off of I-95 exit 89, due to a 3 yr marriage I am loosing my 100 yr old family farm an the worst thing is not just it has been in my family for 100yrs but my Mom who is 85 grew up here an is now being kicked off her family farm due to my divorce, she wasn’t married to the man I was an everything about the last 4 yrs going through court has caused her to be hospitalized some times 3-4 time a month if not more for her heart, all because of this. they call it A fib, an my lawyer had in his pressence all the information he needed, all the evidence he needed in writing, along with another lawyer who was working on another matter for us, Fraud, an that to was on paper an confirmed by the states attorney, as well as one of the bank lawyers, an the application from the bank an the check an two different MVA Driver’s liscense , not to mention my husband hit my lawyer in the face with a kleenex box in the court house, an he did not even press chargers, i have all the concrete evidence but yet no lawyer or at least one i could afford, or they worked togherther, an if you read the transcript during one of our court dates it would blow your mind, how they walked right over me an my Mom, everyone who reads this transcript is blown away, anyway, it is being auctioned off on Nov. 12, 2011, at 11;00am here on the property i don;t want my ex to get it an I always wanted exactly what you do here, it is how I grew up here with animals, and I wanted to turn it in to something like this for kids, this is a magical place. so if you are interested in a great piece of property to have something up here for the kids here is your chance an probably cheap, I would give it away to have it be something like this then for my ex to get it an just develope it, no memories for him here it was just a money deal to him, so please spread the word, for maybe someone will come to the auction an get a great deal, an would maybe be able to buy him out of it, he will try an buy it or bid on it, an I can’t, he has the money, an me an my Mom can’t afford it, he made me quite my job he works for the pentagon so he has the money an credit, so PLEASE , if you need any information on this farm please call me anytime, or anyone you may know who would want it, PLEASE, it would be beautiful here for kids an adult’s an they are going to build a state of the art hospital shock trauma unit right beside me, what kind of therapy could that be for the patients who are in recovery therapy for the their illness like my Mom she has breast cancer, she loves to walk in the woods, it makes her feel so much better, so this place is in walking distance from the hospital. if you know anyone who would want to have this farm tell them they may call me at 410-459-4174 my sell or 443-502-5170 my home, thank you, an keep up the family traditions they are great.
    K Turk

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