By Joi Louviere

People love summer but honestly the winter season holds all the best fashion possibilities. Layers, color, fur and frill, all are vital components to a fashionista’s winter wardrobe. But luckily, you don’t have to be a fashionista to look cute. Take these looks, find similar pieces in your favorite stores and make up your version of these runway cold time threads.

Look #1

Photo Credit: Etro

This outfit has many great features. The trouser pants are a nice fit, warm fabric, and I love the rust color. The fur jacket is a stunning piece and the perfect length. A brightly designed shirt – like an Aztec graphic print – ties the bold pieces together.

Three Important Parts

Photo Credit: H&M

Fur, specifically faux fox, is a way to classy up an outfit without killing your wallet, at just $29.95, or better yet an animal. This fur vest is a great accessory or outfit highlight you can find at H&M. You’ll be warm and fashionable all winter long. Mix and match with dresses or jeans and a t-shirt.

Photo Credit: ASOS

Tribal prints are the ideal pattern in the winter months. The lines add dimension to the solid darks people tend to wear in the icy months. Typically the print incorporates a pop of color and can easily be the focal point of a trendy outfit.

Photo Credit: Rachel Roy

I’m all about the tailored trouser but only when they’re not boring. Get out of black pant mode in the wintertime and spice up your life with some striking pant colors that can be layered with all the neutrals you want. Rachel Roy has this flattering pant in rust, pink, red, yellow, green and more.

Look #2

Photo Credit: Chris Jackson/Getty Images for Vintage at Goodwood

This look is Angelina Jolie meets a 70s British schoolgirl. The outfit is basic, but clearly has potential for the makings of a mod and sexy outfit. When you’re feeling like you just have to ditch the color and rock an all black look, take simple elements like a long sleeve shirt, boots, a hot bag and even a pair of shorts and add the fierce on top.

Most Important Parts

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This white shag vest is a funkier take on the faux fur vest from H&M above.  This is a cool way to make your outfit pop without adding colors and patterns. Fear not, winter white, or any white for that matter is totally acceptable to wear all year long. Those old rules about no white after Labor Day are long gone, so go on and wear your white proudly.

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Long live this beret! I never get tired of seeing a classic beret with a feisty outfit. A structured beret, with its military history, gives you a strong and perhaps, dangerous look while still keeping you cute and womanly. Stay away from the dingy looking knit berets. All those say is that you haven’t washed your hair.

Look #3

Photo Credit: Photo by Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images

I’m not even sure what to call this big band, 40s look. There are so many elements that can be highlighted in proof that this is an amazing look for an ultra feminine sweetheart. The fitted waist with the flow skirt gets you all ready to frolic in a field of daisies…or maybe snow. Just when it looks like it’s all hugs and rainbows, a strong, classic tailoring and structured waist say business. A personal clutch and stylish hosiery support the retro look. And of course, a beret again doesn’t hurt!

Two Parts Important To Look

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This Shoshanna Glen-Check Shift Dress has a defined waist, loosely pleated skirt and boldly tailored collar to mimic the 40s runway look. Available at Neiman Marcus for around $330, but you can surly find a few similar looks for a little less if you search for it.

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Once again, the most underrated accessory proves its contribution. Don’t let the chill of winter keep you from wearing skirts and dresses and showing off your legs. Printed stockings and tights cover you up a bit and add fun, detail and sass to any outfit. These Maze pantyhose are $12 but creative patterns like this one can be found at Target, Charming Charlie, and New York & Co. Hue and Spanx are popular brands that are in the same price range and sold at department stores like Nordstrom and Dillards. Want the largest selections of hosiery that are durable and comfortable? Invest in a pair of Wolfords, averaging around $50.

Joi is a recent college graduate and has written for various newspapers and news wire services. She currently works as a newspaper copy editor by day and a scrapbooking reality TV enthusiast by night.