Bob Turk

Bob Turk 175x131When skies turned cloudy, some little boys would catch frogs.  Not Bob Turk.  He caught the rain.  According to his mother, Bob created a rain well and device for measuring precipitation.  Collecting that data was “fun.”

Today, it’s still fun and part of Bob’s everyday routine as Baltimore’s most respected weathercaster–the person viewers depend on for weather updates during weekday evening newscasts on WJZ.

It was Bob who helped WJZ select the Doppler radar weather system known as First Warning Weather and put the station further on the map as the first Baltimore television station to have such sophisticated weather forecasting technology.

First Warning Weather’s local live Doppler radar enables the weather team to track rain and storms from neighborhood to neighborhood.

Bob, who has been an associate member of the American Meteorological Society since 1975, earned a B.S. degree in geography from the then-named Towson State College and Master’s degree in the same subject from the graduate school of Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Before his broadcasting career, he was an assistant planner for Howard County, Md., where he was in charge of site development plans.  Bob is also active in the community and probably holds the record for “most number of community appearances made” over any other broadcast journalist in Baltimore.  He is also one of the most requested speakers at charity, civic and other events.

The native Baltimorean served on the boards of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and the American Lung Association and is active in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  He resides with his wife and two young children in north Baltimore County, living in a passive solar home that exists in harmony with the environment and nature.

Weather Blog: Rain-Free Days Ahead Through Friday

Showers have been pretty scarce except in a few areas, and tomorrow a drier airmass should give two rain-free days. 

3 hours ago

Weather Blog: More Storms

A batch of severe storms moved from Northern Virginia across the D.C. region and into Baltimore late Monday afternon and early evening.


Weather Blog: Rain, Rain, More Rain Ahead

Another tropical airmass in the region means more tropical downpours are possible in some areas through Tuesday.


Weather Blog: More Showers, Thunderstorms Into The Weekend

There will be more clouds, cooler temperatures and more showers and thunderstorms or thundershowers to dot the landscape this weekend.


Weather Blog: Late Night Showers, Storms Ahead

It looks like there will now be another weekend with shower activity across the region. 


Weather Blog: Hot, Humid With More Flooding Rains

Hot, humid air with a tremendous amount of potential moisture came in Tuesday afternoon in a small area of eastern Baltimore County.


Weather Blog: Warm, Humid Monday

Monday marked a warm and humid start to our week with a high of 91 degrees at BWI Marshall Airport.


Weather Blog: Warm, Humid Through Monday

Sunday will be another warm and humid day but once again, rain-free and will continue on into Monday.


Weather Blog: Clear Weekend Ahead

Sun will move in during Saturday, and temperatures will warm to the upper 80s. It will become slightly less humid over the weekend but it may get up to 90 or 91 by Sunday and Monday.


Weather Blog: Flash Flood Watch In Effect Through Friday

A flash flood watch is in effect overnight and into Friday. By Saturday, there will be somewhat drier air that will finally move toward the area and there may be a warm, rain-free weekend ahead.


Weather Blog: Showers and Storms

After a warm and humid day with a lot of sunshine, there will be a batch of showers and some storms moving across central Maryland late Wednesday night.


Weather Blog: Showers Developing Into Tomorrow

Tomorrow promises to be a more active day, with more showers and some gusty thunderstorms likely. Some heavy downpours and gusty winds are also possible in some areas.


Weather Blog: Some Rain To Start Week

A mild and more humid start to the week that featured a brief period of showers later in the afternoon across much of the area.


Weather Blog: Rain Causes Some Flooding, Dry Weekend Ahead

After a day of humid and warm conditions, a front is moving across the region and has brought with it heavy flooding, downpours and gusty, damaging winds to parts of the area.


Weather Blog: A Rain Free Day

A nice, sunny and totally rain free day. Temperatures got up into the upper 80s and the dewpoint was slowly falling throughout the afternoon, making for a pleasant evening. 


Weather Blog: Rain To Let Up Soon

Another day of relentless rains Wednesday with flooding issues across the entire region.


Weather Blog: Rain To Continue

The tropical connection to the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic will continue to bring a plume of very moist air into the region most of this week.


Weather Blog: Rainy Weekend

A sunny and dry Friday all across the region, but this weekend we will see an abrupt end to the nice weather.


Weather Blog: Sunny Wednesday

A perfect dry and mainly sunny day, with very low humidity, which made it so very pleasant!


Weather Blog: A Perfect Friday

A perfect end to a really nice July day.


Weather Blog: Warm Wednesday

Wednesday was a warm but very dry day with lots of sunshine as well.


Weather Blog: Possible Cool Down Coming

After some possible heavy showers and thunderstorms overnight Thursday and tomorrow, there’s a chance that a cold front will sweep away all the heat and humidity.


Weather Blog: Blazing Hot 4th Of July

We once again reached over 90 degrees.


Weather Blog: Hot, Hot, Hot

Today will mark the final day of heat advisories and excessive heat warnings for the region, at least for now!


WEATHER BLOG: Another Hot & Humid Day Ahead

Another hot and very humid day all across the region, the entire east coast and much of the midwest as well!


Weather Blog: Hot Weekend Ahead

The heat will be on for the next week all across the region and in fact for the entire Eastern region of the country.


Weather Blog: Sunny And Warm Thursday

Thursday marked a sunny and warmer end to the week, which will be followed by a hot weekend!


Weather Blog: Pleasant Start To The Week

A very pleasant start to the week, as we had low humidity and a dry breeze and temperatures that were below average.


Weather Blog: Pleasant First Day Of Summer

Thursday brought a decent first day of summer as we stayed below normal with highs only near 80 degrees today and even cooler for tomorrow.


Weather Blog: Rainy Wednesday

A light rain developed over the region Wednesday night followed by another batch that will impact the overnight into the early morning hours.


Weather Blog: More Rain

More rain and storms across the region that prompted flood warnings and watches once again.


Weather Blog: Another Humid Day

Wednesday was a warm and humid day as we reached the upper 70’s to low 80’s.


Weather Blog: Warm And Humid

Tuesday was a warm and humid day that finally gave way to some sunshine across many areas.


Weather Blog: Fantastic Friday

A nice, warm but not a humid day – with lots of sunshine once again.


Weather Blog: Another Beautiful, Sunny Day

Thursday was a beautiful, dry and sunny day all over the Mid-Atlantic region.


Weather Blog: Sunny Wednesday

Wednesday was a beautiful, sunny and dry day all across the region.


Weather Blog: Showers Moving Out Overnight

A batch of rain Tuesday morning and a few showers later in the day was pretty much all we saw in Central Maryland.


Weather Blog: Sunny Start, Rain On The Way

A great dry and finally sunny start to the week, but more changes are on the way.


Weather Blog: Rainy End To The Week

Areas of rain continue to move across the region and will slowly exit by Saturday.


Weather Blog: Rain, Rain, Go Away

Thursday brought more clouds and periods of rain as well.


Weather Blog: Light Rain

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Light rain continued over much of the region Wednesday, with the exception of Frederick County, which saw an additional one to two inches — causing more flooding to occur in that region. A very moist stream of air will again redevelop later tomorrow and cause additional flooding issues which may linger into […]


Weather Blog: Wet, Wet, Wet

A very wet scenario is setting up all over the region Tuesday night through the weekend.


Weather Blog: Line Of Severe Storms

A line of severe storms that originated in Western Pennsylvania tracked through the state from 4 p.m. till late this evening.


Weather Blog: Pleasant Wrap Up To Week

Friday marked a very pleasant end to the week.


Weather Blog: Cooler Overnight

A cold front has crossed the region and drier, pleasant air is moving in.


Weather Blog: Beautiful Wednesday

A beautiful Wednesday all across the state as we reached the mid 70’s with plenty of sun and dry conditions.


Weather Blog: Another Beautiful Spring Day

Tuesday was a perfect spring day with sun and pleasant temperatures.


Weather Blog: Another Record-Breaking Day

Another day, another new record set!


Weather Blog: Another Record-Breaking Day

Another record-breaking day on Thursday as the Baltimore area reached 92 degrees — a record that had stood since 1913!


Weather Blog: Record-Breaking Wednesday

Wednesday was a record-breaking day as we touched 90 degrees at BWI Marshall Airport around 3:30 p.m.


Weather Blog: Near-Record Highs On Tap

Mild, warm, warmer, warmest! That’s how our week is going.


Weather Blog: Perfect Start To Week

A perfect start to this week with bright sunshine and seasonal temperatures.


Weather Blog: Warmth, Possible Thunderstorms Coming

After a wet Friday morning, we dried out and recovered to the low 60’s.


Weather Blog: Rain On The Way

Thursday was a perfect spring day all across the region, with mild temperatures and sunny skies.  


Weather Blog: Rain Clearing Overnight

After a nice soaking Tuesday night into the early morning, we did see a bit of sun for a brief time before some patchy drizzle moved through the region.


Weather Blog: April Showers

Light rain moved into the region late Tuesday afternoon and will continue overnight — eventually tapering off to showers later Wednesday.


Weather Blog: Pleasant, Dry Monday

A perfect weekend followed by a pleasant and dry Monday, which will be followed by clouds and rain the next two days.


Weather Blog: Breezy And Cool

Another breezy and unseasonably cool day all across the region.


Weather Blog: Sunny, Dry After Bitter Cold Start

Wednesday saw a sunny and dry afternoon after a freezing cold and frosty start.


Weather Blog: Bitter Cold Night

After a very chilly and breezy day with a high of only 48 degrees, we have a very cold night on tap, as well.


Weather Blog: Few Inches Of Rain

After a general one to over two inches of rain, which we needed, skies remain rather overcast and cooler temperatures are here for a while.


Weather Blog: Welcoming The Warmth

Friday was the warmest day since October 10! 


Weather Blog: Summer-Like Temps

Thursday brought summer-like temperatures as we reached the mid to upper 70s across the region.


Weather Blog: Warmup On The Way

That warmup we have been searching for all month long is finally on its way!


Weather Blog: Warm Temps Continue

Tuesday was another day of well-below normal temperatures, but it ended up 10 degrees warmer than yesterday.


Weather Blog: Chilly, Cloudy Start To Week

A very chilly and cloudy start to our week with the high stuck in the low 40’s! But big changes are afoot this week!


Weather Blog: The Warm Before The Cold Front

It was a great and warm Friday with temperatures near 70 degrees!


Weather Blog: Wet Snow, Sleet Likely Saturday

Another much-below normal day as far as temperatures are concerned, despite a lot of warm sunshine.


Weather Blog: Cloudy And Cool

Tuesday was a cloudy and cool late-March day with just a touch of rain at times across the region.


Weather Blog: Spring Arrives In Maryland

Some good news for spring lovers: After more than 30 days of temperatures in the 30s, 40s and low-50s, we are looking at temperatures that should approach the 60-degree mark or better this week.


Weather Blog: Cool Start To Weekend

Well the weekend is here, and it’s still going to be on the cool side again!


Weather Blog; Spring Snowstorm Melting

A sunny, dry, and breezy day Thursday, as we topped out in the mid 40s.


Weather Blog: Spring Snowstorm

A snowy spring day all across the Mid-Atlantic region!


Weather Blog: More Snow On The Way

We have seen rain, snow, sleet and freezing rain all day Tuesday with areas north of Baltimore seeing as much as 4 or 5 inches of snow already.


Weather Blog: Snow To Start Spring

Winter will not leave Maryland without a good fight!


Weather Blog: Chilly And Windy Start To Weekend

A chilly and breezy end to the week once again with well below normal temperatures.


Weather Blog: Sun, Clouds, Snow Flurries, Rain In One Day

Sun gave way to clouds and even a few snow flurries and light rain showers as a cold front crossed the area in the late afternoon.


Weather Blog: Chilly, Breezy Day

A very chilly and breezy March day with a few flurries at times.


Weather Blog: Breezy, Cool Day

A sunny breezy and cool March afternoon, following a bit of snow overnight, that quickly melted during the day.


Weather Blog: Light Snow To Taper Off

A little light snow activity has moved across the region and will clear the area after midnight.


Weather Blog: Chilly, Dry Thursday

A chilly but mainly dry Thursday, with our temperatures running almost 10 degrees below average.


Weather Blog: Wet Snow

After a round of wet snow, that has mainly melted as of tonight, we will see skies mainly clear to partly cloudy and we will drop to the upper 20’s overnight.


Weather Blog: Sunny And Dry Ahead Of Snow

A sunny, dry start to our week with temperatures in the upper 40’s.


Weather Blog: Strong Winds Continue Friday Night

The high wind warning is still in effect across most of Maryland from Frederick County to the Eastern Shore.


Weather Blog: Pleasant Tuesday

A really perfect dry and and sunny afternoon with pleasant temperatures, on a day that started below freezing.


Weather Blog: Dense Fog Advisory In Effect

After a cloudy and at times damp Friday, we now have some possible dense fog forming across the region.


Weather Blog: Cooler Day

A much cooler day with plenty of clouds and a bit of rain after we had two record breaking very warm days!


Weather Blog: Another Record Shattered

Another day another record shattered! We hit a remarkable 79 degrees this afternoon, easily breaking the previous record of 74 set back in 1930!


Weather Blog: Recording-Tying High

Wow! What a day we had all across the mid-Atlantic region. A record-tying high of 76 degrees was set at BWI Marshall Airport, with some even warmer air at other reporting stations.


Weather Blog: Wet, Dreary Monday Ahead Of Warm Up

Maryland saw a gray and damp Monday with temperatures stuck in the low 40’s most of the day.


Weather Blog: Winter Returns After Warm Up

It’s actually kind of hard to believe that after we had a nearly 70-degree day just yesterday, a Winter Weather Advisory will go into effect tomorrow afternoon and evening.


Weather Blog: Very Warm February Day

A very warm April-like day all across the state! In some locations, away from the Bay and ocean, we reached over 70 for the first time this year!


Weather Blog: Cloudy, Milder Day

A milder day with clouds and sun is now a wet one as rain moves across the region.


Weather Blog: Warm-Up On The Way

A sunny, chilly start to the day, which ended with clouds and even a touch of sleet and light rain in a few spots.


Weather Blog: Sunny, Cooler Monday

A wet weekend that ended up with sunshine and cooler air Monday has brought the Baltimore area up-to-date with precipitation for the year and ended the current drought.


Weather Blog: Sunny, Chilly Day

A dry sunny but chilly day with a high of only 35, which is 8 degrees below average.


Weather Blog: Mostly Sunny Monday

It was a dry, sunny Monday after an icy cold start in many areas.


Weather Blog: Cold And Windy Friday

A very cold and windy Groundhog Day all across Maryland.


Possible Snow, Rain Early Friday Morning

The Baltimore area and surrounding counties may see some snow following rain early Friday morning.


Weather Blog: Brief Snow Possible Friday

A chilly, but less windy afternoon as we end this January on a dry note. We had a high of only 35 after a morning low of only 16.