• PHOTOS: Ocean City Storm On July 6Jake Bell and Thomas Allen captured photos of a storm rolling into Ocean City on July 6.
  1. Bmore says:

    They forgot Patriot Games with Harrison Ford, it was filmed in Annapolis.

  2. gib says:

    they also forgot Danika which starred Marissa Tomei

  3. beth says:

    the bookstore portion of failure to launch was filmed in downtown annapolis

  4. doreen brown says:

    was’nt film bedroom window with steve gutterberg film in maryland and hairspray with rickki lake flim in fellspoint?

  5. blaze says:

    “Her Alibi” starring Tom Selleck was filmed in MD. The hospital location was GBMC.

  6. steve says:

    Forgot Tin Men with Divito and Dryfus

  7. Larry Tharp says:

    Parts of “Runaway Bride” were also filmed in and near Glen Arm, Maryland.

  8. Kate says:

    The Social Network was filmed Johns Hopkins University Homewood Campus

  9. CarrollCountian says:

    For Richer or Poorer…Tim Allen Kristie Alley. Filmed entirely in Carroll County.

    1. Ac says:

      Some of it was filmed on a farm in Harford County

  10. Skip H says:

    what about CRY BABY and all the rest of John Waters’ movies? Guess they aren’t main stream enough to make the list! Like it or not he put Balti-snore on the map.

  11. ben ward says:

    “abolute power” . a clint film . had parts filmed at Turkey point lighthouse in Cecil county. the scene w/car pushed over cliff.

  12. Larry says:

    Her Alibi was also filmed in Baltimore

  13. Autumn says:

    Clara’s Heart starring Whoopi Goldberg & Neil Patrick Harris was filmed near St. Michael’s, MD and Violets Are Blue starring Sissy Spacek and Kevin Kline was filmed in Ocean City, MD.

  14. Maggie says:


  15. Rufus T Firefly says:

    Sleepless In Seattle (Fells Point)

    1. Lori says:

      Sleepless In Seattle had some scenes filmed at Lexington Market but they were cut.

  16. SL says:

    The last Die Hard movie was filmed in downtown a few summers ago.

  17. Paul says:

    they forgot “Live Free or Die Hard” is partialy shot here in Baltimore

  18. Damon says:

    They also forgot about Major League 2 and Annapolis with Tyrese and I think Josh Harnette was it?

    1. Christopher R. Gabaya Sr. says:

      Annapolis was shot entirly in Philadelphia.

  19. joe says:

    the foot ball movie the replacements with gene hackmen and keanu reeves was filmedin downtown at m&t bank for game scenes and some in canton

  20. rob says:

    alan alda’s first movie “the seduction of joe tynan” was filmed in annapolis.

  21. Kesha says:

    They forgot “Serial Mom” starring Kathleen Turner

  22. phil says:

    what about “Borat”? scenes included Columbia and Gaithersburg

  23. Mel says:

    “Species” Marg Helgenberger

  24. mirya says:

    what about annapolis they forgot that one…

  25. jon says:

    What about “Guarding Tess” in Baltimore County?

  26. BRYAN says:


  27. mdmma says:

    a scene from Silence of the Lambs was filmed at Springfield State Hospital in Sykesville

  28. Tom says:

    Hey all don’t forget Ladder 49. That was filmed in Baltimore.

  29. Terri Kordaz says:

    Major League was too…

  30. Freda Parham says:

    I’m not from MD but I live in Baltimore now and I never knew so many films were filmed here. WOW!!!!

  31. Eileen Ayers says:

    Is it true that NCIS is going to film in Baltimore ir that they are moving their show to Baltimore?

  32. Allen T. says:

    I was part of films made in Baltimore. The making of Tin Man and Liberty Heights.

  33. Brad says:

    From Within was filmed in Havre de Grace.

  34. Allen T. says:

    Don’t forget The Wire. A great TV series that was pretty hot and Arnold the Love child maker filmed here with Vanessa Williams. Not to forget they have a sound mixing studio that has worked on some of the biggest films made in the last 10 years.

  35. Sharon Williams says:

    What about Will Smith and Gene Hackman staring in “Enemy of the State”

  36. Sharon Williams says:

    What about Will Smith and Gene Hackman, in Enemy of the state.

  37. Dennis Miller says:

    They forgot the mention, “The Goddess” 1958, half the movie was filmed in Ellicott City.

  38. tiffany says:

    magior leage 2 was filmed in baltimore at camden yards in the early 90’s
    and so was die hard 3 at the old truckers inn where i worked at that time’
    in jessup the closing seen was the front of the inn ‘ where the prop telephone was ‘
    i also met sam j jackson ‘

  39. magen says:

    there is also step up and step up 2

  40. Rembrandt says:

    I worked on just about all the films that were filmed in Maryland since 1991 when I joined Local 487, Now, just about all filming goes to Canada because the State of Maryland (Gov. O’Malley) (Former Mayor of Baltimore) does not want to give the Tax Incentives to keep film work alive in Maryland. It is a crying shame the amount of work the local people and businesses are losing when filming goes out of State, even out of the country.


    1. Jennifer says:

      Is there any movement underway to increase tax credits available?

  41. SC says:

    The Accidental Tourist was also filmed in Baltimore with WIlliam Hurt.

  42. Jonathan Williams says:

    What about “And Justice for all” which actually had a WJZ news team in the scenes outside the jail?

  43. ellen van daniker says:

    “my one and only” was filmed in baltimore city at the Institute of Notre Dame girls high school.

  44. John Stelmack says:

    How about “I do and I Don’t” starring Jane Lynch filmed in my brothers house in Towson.

  45. Vicki White says:

    How about ” Runaway Bride” on Easten Shore?

    How about “Tuck Everlasting” that was filmed in Berlin, Eastern Shore ?

    There was also one with Sean Connery, an old one, but I can’t remember the name. He was a wealthy store/factory owner of some sort.

  46. Edie Anne says:

    Have we forgotten “Violets Are Blue” with Sissy Spacek and Kevin Klein and Bonnie Bedelia?? It was filmed in Ocean City…a very hard to find movie…and very heartbreaking….

  47. Allen T. says:

    Hey Mel, it was Species 2 filmed at Mondawmin Mall when there was a super market at the main entrance, Gwynn Falls and Warwick Ave. I went to Douglass Sr High it was in the shots.

  48. jerry lee says:

    paul newmans the hustler filmed in brooklyns old patapsco avenue pool hall

  49. Cheryl says:

    Silent Fall with Richard Dreyfuss was filmed in Md too…Springfield hospital in Sykesville and on the eastern shore

  50. jerry lee says:

    john travolta and vince vaughn domestic desturbance over in eastern shore

  51. Char says:

    parts of hairspray was filmed in Highlandtown which is in Baltimore too

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