Average Gas Price In Maryland Below $2 For Fourth Straight Week, AAA Mid-Atlantic SaysFor the fourth consecutive week, Maryland's average price for a gallon of regular gasoline is below $2, according to AAA Mid-Atlantic.
Maryland Gas Price Average Under $2 For Three Straight WeeksMaryland's statewide gas price average has been under $2 for three weeks now as the coronavirus pandemic continues.
Maryland Gas Price Average Under $2 For Two Weeks, AAA Mid-Atlantic SaysDrivers in Maryland saw gas prices drop again this week, according to AAA Mid-Atlantic.
Coronavirus Impacts: Maryland Gas Prices Drop As Fewer People Hit The RoadLow demand for oil thanks in part to the coronavirus has resulted in gas prices across Maryland being some of the lowest residents have seen in years.
Maryland Gas Prices Down 10 Cents In Past Week, In Part Due To Coronavirus, AAA Mid-Atlantic SaysDrivers in Maryland are seeing gas prices dropping by double digits thanks in part to the coronavirus and an oil price war between Russia and Saudi Arabia, according to AAA Mid-Atlantic.
Maryland Gas Prices Drop Six Cents This Week, AAA SaysGood news for drivers: the average price of a gallon of gas in Maryland is down six cents from last week, AAA Mid-Atlantic said.
Gas Prices See Unseasonal Increase, AAA Mid-Atlantic SaysAfter several weeks of decline, local drivers saw a hike in gas prices this week.
Maryland Gas Prices Down More Than 20 Cents In Past Month, AAA SaysGood news for Maryland drivers: the state's average gas price is down 21 cents from this time last month, AAA Mid-Atlantic said.
AAA: Winter Gas Prices Finally FallThe gas price average in Maryland today is $2.48, which is down six cents in the last week.
New Year's Day Ranks Among Deadliest Days On U.S. RoadwaysAs Marylanders prepare for New Year's celebrations, AAA Mid-Atlantic is reminding drivers and passengers of the dangers on the roads this New Year's Day.
Maryland Gas Prices Drop Again As Demand Reaches Lowest Level Since FebruaryAAA expects gas prices to keep falling through the end of the year barring any major jumps in the price of crude oil.