Govs. Hogan, Youngkin Call On Feds To Take Lead In Securing Supreme Court Justices' HomesThe Senate passed legislation Monday to beef up security for Supreme Court justices, ensuring they and their families are protected in light of the leak.
White House Warns Against 'Violence, Threats, Or Vandalism' After Protests Outside Supreme Court Justices Maryland HomesOver the weekend, pro-abortion rights protesters gathered outside the private homes of Justice Brett Kavanaugh and Chief Justice John Roberts in Chevy Chase, Maryland, outside Washington, DC.
Amendment On Abortion Doesn't Advance In MarylandEarlier this month, the Maryland House of Delegates voted for a bill sponsored by House Speaker Adrienne Jones that would have given voters the final say in November on whether to enshrine the right to abortion in the constitution.
Abortion Rights To Be Proposed For Maryland's ConstitutionLeading Maryland House members said Monday that they will support a constitutional amendment to protect abortion rights in the state.
Planned Parenthood Launches Regional Political GroupPlanned Parenthood says it is launching a regional political advocacy group to help protect abortion rights in Maryland, the District of Columbia and northern Virginia.
Two-Thirds Of Americans Want To Keep Roe V. Wade As Is, CBS News Poll FindsThe abortion debate intensifies with questions over whether any of the new state-level bans could make it to the Supreme Court.
Jones Says She'll Likely Push To Protect Abortion RightsMaryland's new House speaker said Thursday she will "most likely" push to protect abortion rights in the state's constitution next year, as her predecessor sought to do this year.
Virginia Late-Term Abortion Debate Erupts Over Viral Video A push by Virginia Democrats to loosen restrictions on late-term abortions is erupting into a fierce partisan clash as video of a legislative hearing goes viral.
Abortion Rights To Be Proposed For Maryland's ConstitutionA leading Maryland lawmaker said Thursday that he will introduce a constitutional amendment next year to protect abortion rights in the state.
Opinion: Paul Ryan And The War on WomenIf you like the GOP war on women, you are going to love Paul Ryan. After all, Ryan's record on women's health could easily be mistaken for one of W. Mitt Romney's primary opponents, Rick Santorum.