Pets Eating An Occasional Cicada Is OK, But Don't Let Them Overdo ItThe Brood X Cicadas are out in full force in Harford County, and local pet experts said they're getting a lot of calls from concerned pet owners after their dog or cat has eaten them.
Three Different Types Of Cicadas Are Emerging In MarylandEvery 17 years, for 2 months, cicadas dominate the news cycle. The Brood X cicadas are finally here and people want to know about them. 
Baltimore Humane Society Seeks Foster Volunteers To Bottle-Feed KittensIf it's spring, it's kitten season for animal rescues like the Baltimore Humane Society, which has several bundles of fur needing to be bottle-fed. So, the society needs foster volunteers to bottle-feed these babies.
Early Research Suggest Dogs Might Be Able To Sniff Out COVID-19 InfectionsA new study published Sunday indicates dogs might be able to lend a helping paw in the fight against Covid-19.
Maryland Zoo Announces Hatching Of Trumpeter SwansThe Maryland Zoo announced the hatching of 2 trumpeter swans on Friday.
BARCS Saves Life Of Stray Dog With 'Enormous Wound,' Donations Requested For Her RecoveryBARCS Animal Shelter said a dog with a severed trachea was rushed to the emergency room for operation Thursday night.
Maryland Zoo Fundraiser Offers Chance To Name A RhinoThe Maryland Zoo is offering people the chance to name one of its newest residents - a southern white rhinoceros - as part of a fundraiser.
Ready Or Not. Cicadas Are Here In MarylandAs the temperature starts to warm up the 17-year cicadas are really starting to make their presence felt.
Maryland's EquiFest Showcases Adoptable Horses, Some Retired From RacingWith this weekend being the Preakness, horses were centerstage here in Baltimore. Even after the horses are done with their racing career, they still have a lot of life left in them.
Osprey Cam: Two Eggs Hatch In Severna Park NestTwo out of three osprey eggs in a nest in Severna Park have hatched.
Xiao Is An Energetic Pup Recently Put Up For Adoption At The MD SPCAXiao is a 3-year-old dog recently put up for adoption at the MD SPCA.
6 New Penguin Chicks Make Their Debut At Maryland ZooThe Maryland Zoo unveiled six new African penguin chicks on Thursday morning at its Penguin Coast exhibit.
'Roll Cyrus Roll' Children's Book Tells The Tale Of Colt Who Couldn't RollIt’s Preakness week in Baltimore and some of the finest thoroughbred horses in the country are in town.
Just Like Humans, Zoo Animals Will Be Vaccinated Against COVID-19. Here's HowWith three different COVID vaccines being administered in the U.S., some pharmaceutical companies are now working toward a vaccine for animals, and the Marland Zoo is already putting together their distribution plan for it once available. 
Howard County Officer Rescues Injured Bald EagleA Howard County officer rescued an injured bald eagle at a park-and-ride along Route 32 in West Friendship on Monday afternoon.