Baltimore Leaders Propose 30% Tax On Electronic Smoking DevicesA number of city leaders are proposing a 30% tax on electronic smoking devices sold in Baltimore.
Baltimore City Council Approves Restrictions On Toxic PesticidesBaltimore City Council voted Monday in favor of a bill to regulate three toxic pesticides. 
Baltimore City Council Passes Bill Designed To Help Laid-Off Hospitality WorkersThe Baltimore City Council passed two bills Monday that will help hospitality workers impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.
Baltimore's Toppled Christopher Columbus Statue To Be Returned To Original OwnersThe Baltimore City Board of Estimates voted Wednesday to return the toppled Christopher Columbus statue that once stood in Little Italy back to its original owners.
Baltimore Councilwoman Shannon Sneed Pushing For Residency Requirements For City Police Command Staff With Council BillBaltimore City Councilman Shannon Sneed is pushing for residency requirements for certain Baltimore City Police command staff, with a council bill proposed at a council meeting on July 13. 
'Decades Overdue': Baltimore City Council Re-Examines Police Response To Mental Health, Behavioral CallsA Baltimore city councilman is asking city leadership to re-examine its response to behavioral and mental health crises.
Baltimore City Firefighters Say Budget Cuts Would 'Put Citizens In Harms Way'Two Baltimore City fire stations are facing cuts to their trucks and staff because of the financial strain caused by the coronavirus pandemic. 
Concerns Raised About Baltimore Police Budget Cuts As City Deals With Persistent Violent CrimeWhile protesters nationwide have demanded cuts to large police budgets, Baltimore is one of the few cities taking action.
Baltimore Police Commissioner Michael Harrison Worries About Gaps In Service With DefundingBaltimore’s police commissioner is responding to efforts to defund the city’s police department.
Baltimore City Council Approves Millions In Cuts To BPD Units Amid Nationwide Calls To Defund PoliceThe Baltimore City Council on Monday approved budget cuts for certain Baltimore Police Department units amid a nationwide call for cities to reduce police spending.
Baltimore City Lawmakers, Experts Discuss How 'Defunding' Police Would Work; Gov. Hogan Calls It 'Terrible Idea'Police budgets are under scrutiny nationwide, including right now during a Baltimore budget hearing.