Baltimore Kids Perform Song About April RiotsIn the three months since the riots, we've heard from community leaders, politicians and neighbors.
Just-Released Radio Calls Show Cries For Help During Baltimore RiotSounds of chaos. WJZ has pored through hours of just-released radio transmissions that show just how bad conditions were for police as they tried to take control during the riots.
Suburban Police Seek $1M Repayment For Baltimore Riot HelpPolice departments in central Maryland and the Washington area are seeking reimbursements for helping Baltimore police during the city's April riots.
Maryland Appeals FEMA Denial Of Riot Disaster AidMaryland is appealing the federal government's denial of disaster aid to help the state and Baltimore recover millions of dollars in riot-related costs.
Early Estimate Of Baltimore Riot Damage: $9 MillionThe government's first estimate of damage from rioting last month in Baltimore puts the cost at $9 million.
U.S. Attorney For Maryland Thanks Baltimore Police OfficersThe U.S. Attorney for Maryland is marking National Police Week by thanking Baltimore police officers who serve with honor and integrity.
Cleanup Efforts Continue After Monday's RiotSeveral cleanup efforts are still going on after this week's riot on Monday. One group saw its volunteer list morph from a handful of people to hundreds looking to give back to the city.
$10,000 Reward Offered In Baltimore Fire InvestigationsThe ATF is offering up to $10,000 in reward money for information leading to arrests and convictions in the fires set in Baltimore Monday.
Baltimore City Schools Reopened WednesdayViolence and looting forced city school leaders to shut down classes and lock doors. On Wednesday, the district welcomed student back to class.
Obama: 'They're Not Protesting; They're Stealing'President Obama comments on Baltimore's state of emergency, saying there's no excuse for the kind of violence we saw Monday.