Expect To Shell Out More On Crab Meat: Blue Crab Population Down 30% In 2021“We can already see right now like a shortage on crab meat, it’s pretty much doubled in price now”: The Chesapeake Bay blue crab is down 30 percent this year according to an annual survey, and it's already impacting restaurants.
Female Crab Population Slightly Increased In Chesapeake Bay, But Survey Is 'Mixed Bag'The Virginia Marine Resources Commission and Maryland Department of Natural Resources released the results of the 2021 Blue Crab Winter Dredge Survey, an annual estimate of the blue crab population in and around the Chesapeake Bay.
Germantown Market Cited For Selling Egg-Bearing Female CrabsPolice charged Lotte Plaza Market in Germantown with offering three bushels of egg-bearing female blue crabs — known as sponge crabs — for sale in violation of the state’s conservation laws. 
Chesapeake Bay's Blue Crab Population Increase Is Good News, Officials SayAn estimated total of 594 million blue crabs, a 60 percent increase over last year. This includes 190 million females, a 29 percent jump, as well as 324 million juveniles. 
DNR: Survey Shows Highest Number Of Female Spawning-Age Crabs In Reported HistoryThe 2017 Blue Crab Winter Dredge Survey shows that there has been a surge in spawning-age female crabs.
Md. Blue Crab Population DecliningMaryland's famous blue crabs are getting harder and harder to find. That's been a big blow to businesses and watermen who rely on the state's signature seafood.
Restaurants Stay 'True Blue' With Maryland CrabsThis is the time of year when Cathy Chisholm's taste buds yearn for Maryland crabcakes. Not Maryland-style crabcakes.
Survey: Blue Crab Population In Chesapeake Has DroppedThe number of blue crabs in the Chesapeake Bay has dropped steeply, according to an annual survey just released. The winter dredge survey is an indication of the supply we expect this summer.
Survey Shows Significant Drop In Blue Crabs In BayThe number of blue crabs in the Chesapeake Bay has dropped steeply, according to an annual survey released Friday, and Maryland officials said they will work with the crabbing industry to reduce bushel limits by about 10 percent for female crabs this year.
Cold Weather Keeps Crabs At Bottom Of Chesapeake For months, there's been a countdown on the Maryland Seafood website, ticking down the months, days, hours, minutes and even seconds to the most anticipated seafood season of the year: crabbing season.
Maryland Has A Crab ShortageIf you are one of the early birds looking for crabs this season, you've probably been disappointed. Maryland is one of many states experiencing a crab shortage.