Weather Blog: March Will Come In Like A LambIt was a pretty normal day this Friday with a high of 48 and a low of 31, and our normal now is 48 and 29.
Weather Blog: February Will End On A Cold NoteA windy and dry Thursday will end on a cold, but dry note, as our winds, slowly diminish later. 
Weather Blog: Milder Air Is On The Way!A damp but mild Tuesday will be followed by an even milder Wednesday.
Weather Blog: Where's The Snow?February once again is proving to be one of the warmest in recent memory.
Weather Blog: Warm February Continues To Amaze!Clearing cold overnight with lows around 20 but wind chills between 12 and 18 degrees.
Weather Blog: Colder Weather Making Its Way Back ThroughA clear and colder night will be followed by some clouds and a colder afternoon and night on Thursday.
Weather Blog: Mild Temperatures Stick Around!On Wednesday, the sun will return, along with a cooler breeze, but still a high near 50 after a warm 62 on Tuesday!
Weather Blog: Cold Air Is On The WayAfter a damp start and a high of 57 on Thursday. drier and much colder air is moving in across the state.
Weather Blog: A Warm Front With Some Showers AheadLight rain and temperatures near 40 make for a damp and chilly Wednesday night.
Weather Blog: Cooler Air With Some Early SunshineMorning light rain gave way to some minor clearing later Tuesday, but clouds still remained in many areas.
Weather Blog: Cloudy Monday AheadPeriods of rain will continue into Tuesday as well. We should dry out later Tuesday, and see some sun on Wednesday.