Weather Blog: Snow Misses Baltimore, Other Parts Of Maryland Gets SnowA near miss of 100 miles!
Weather Blog: Storms, Showers Across The RegionAfter some showers and storms which came across the region between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m., we are seeing cooler temperatures and the chance for some more rain as well.
Weather Blog: Harvey Brings Rain To MarylandThe remnants of once very powerful and catastrophic Hurricane Harvey will bring a bit of rain to Maryland starting later tomorrow.
Weather Blog: Nice Day Across The RegionA nice day all across the region, with temperatures in the mid to upper 70's and still very comfortable humidity.
Weather Blog: Damp, Cool DayA damp and cool day in Maryland from the Blue Ridge to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.
Weather Blog: Comfortable WeatherAround here, just a very easy stretch of mainly dry and very comfortable weather is in the works into next week.
Weather Blog: More Humidity And Storms DevelopingMore humid days and more storms developing.
Weather Blog: Warm And More Humid DayA warm and more humid day that brought some unexpected showers and some heavy downpours in a few spots around the region.
Weather Blog: Pleasant July Day A very pleasant July day with very comfortable humidity and temperatures. 
Weather Blog: The Heat Was On!The heat was on today! At 2:03 pm , we hit 98 at BWI. and 99 at the Inner Harbor, it was the hottest day this summer.
Weather Blog: Uncomfortable HumidityHigh temperatures and uncomfortable humidity as well as rather unhealthy air quality, is to be expected the next few days.