D.C. Police Chief: Body Camera Videos Can't Be Redacted EasilyD.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier says the technology doesn't exist to efficiently redact videos from police body cameras for release to the public.
Baltimore Businesses Allowing Police To Access Private Security SystemsBeefing up security. Baltimore businesses are allowing police to access their private security systems.
Frederick Police Plan To Ask For Body CamerasThe Frederick Police Department plans to ask for funding for 12 body cameras in the city's 2016 fiscal year budget.
Baltimore Police Officers May Get Body CamerasWith police encounters under intense scrutiny, there are growing calls for officers to record those encounters with cameras on their bodies. Some Maryland police departments are already doing it---and Baltimore could be next.
Baltimore Co. Schools Tighten Security With Surveillance Cameras & Electronic DoorsTighter security is on the way for Baltimore County schools. This, after schools nationwide and here in Maryland are seeing a spike in violence on campus.
Maryland General Assembly Passes New Speed Camera RegulationsThere are some changes ahead in the way Maryland jurisdictions operate speed cameras. The General Assembly passes new regulations.
General Assembly Steps Into Baltimore Speed Camera ControversyThe General Assembly is about to step into the Baltimore speed camera controversy.
Authorities Thwart Smuggling Attempt At JailMaryland prison officials say they used closed-circuit cameras to stop an attempt to smuggle marijuana, tobacco and a cell phone into the troubled Baltimore city jail.
Police Seek Help Solving Speed Camera VandalismPolice in Salisbury are asking for help figuring out who spray painted five speed cameras.
Charles County Speed Cameras To Be ReactivatedThe Charles County Sheriff's Office says it will reactivate the three speed cameras that it had stopped using after one camera's cement pad was incorrectly placed.
ACLU: Police Record License Plates By The MillionsA rapidly growing network of police cameras is capturing, storing and sharing data on license plates, making it possible to stitch together people's movements whether they are stuck in a commute, making tracks to the beach or up to no good.