Volunteer Health Ambassadors Sent To Polling StationsA team of volunteer health professionals has been deployed to polling stations around the state to provide health and safety guidance intended to prevent the spread of COVID-19 to voters and poll workers.
Congressman, Actress, And Federal Economist Among Maryland’s Top DonorsThree Maryland couples - including Rep. David Trone and his wife, June - contributed more to federal campaigns this cycle than all the other 1.7 million reported contributions under $15 in the state combined, illustrating one way, according to some analysts, in which the wealthy have outsized political influence.
COVID-19 Decreased Maryland’s Air Pollution, Research ShowsIn the early months of the coronavirus pandemic, air pollution dropped markedly in Maryland, according to a recent report from the University of Maryland and the state’s Department of the Environment.
Lung Association Cites Health Benefits Of Electric VehiclesMaryland could save up to 100 lives and $1.3 billion in public health benefits in 2050 by transitioning to all-electric vehicles over the next 30 years, according to a recent “Road to Clean Air” report from the American Lung Association.  
Hispanic And Latino Communities Worry About 2020 Census UndercountElian Contreras started work in early August as a census taker in Prince George's County, Maryland. 
State Voter ID Laws Counter Trump's Ballot Fraud ClaimsAs the country grapples with the pandemic and states are adopting alternative methods to in-person voting, such as mail-in ballots and ballot drop-off locations, Trump has amped up his baseless statements on the legitimacy of the upcoming election that is less than a month away.
Maryland's First Black Female GOP State Legislator Dr. Brenda Thiam Sworn InDr. Brenda Thiam is the newest member of the House of Delegates.
Questions Mount For Maryland’s Next SessionGeneral Assembly leaders in Maryland ended the 2020 session early and recently declined a special session due to pandemic and presidential election concerns. But they have yet to announce plans, particularly regarding legislative voting, as the next session draws near.
How To Cast Your Vote In Maryland, D.C. Or Virginia Before Or On Nov. 3With confusion looming over voting amid the coronavirus pandemic, several states have announced their plans to make it easier to vote in the upcoming general and local elections on Nov. 3. 
Nolita Project Checks In With Teenagers Looking For SupportHawkins, 34, is the founder of The Nolita Project, a nonprofit named in tribute to his late mother, Nolita Smith, who he said died because of a crack cocaine addiction in 2015.
Maryland High School Athletes Lose Vital Time During COVID-19 Pandemic