Baltimore Man Pleads Guilty For Stealing Benefits Under CARES Act, Aggravated Identity TheftA Baltimore man pleaded guilty Tuesday to the federal charges of conspiracy to steal mail, emergency benefits fraud and aggravated identity theft.
White And Black Communities In Maryland Experience A 20% Difference In Loans From CARES ActPredominantly white communities in Maryland received approximately 20 percent more loans and money per loan under the Paycheck Protection Program compared to predominantly Black communities, according to data from the Small Business Administration (SBA) analyzed by Capital News Service.
Harford County Childcare Providers Can Apply For $7,500 Grants To Cover Coronavirus-Related ExpensesChildcare providers in Harford County are able to apply for grants of $7,500 to help cover coronavirus-related expenses, the county said Wednesday.
$1.3M In CARES Act Funding To Support Virtual Learning Programs In Howard CountyHoward County officials announced Monday $1.3 million in CARES Act funding will go to support virtual learning. 
Judge Blocks Rule That Moves Coronavirus Relief Funds To Private SchoolsA federal judge in California has blocked a rule that Michigan, Maryland, six other states and four big-city school districts said would unlawfully allow too much pandemic relief aid to be diverted from K-12 public schools to private ones.
You Don't Have To Pay Your Federal Student Loans Right Now, But Here's Why Experts Say You ShouldIf you're carrying student debt and can still afford to pay the monthly loan, experts say you absolutely should.
Maryland AG Frosh Urges Senate To Pass Legislation Ensuring Relief For All Federal Student Loan Borrowers Impacted By COVID-19 PandemicMaryland Attorney General Brian Frosh joined a coalition of 28 attorneys general urging the U.S. Senate to provide relief for all federal student loan borrowers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
What Might A Second Stimulus Payment Look Like For You?A second stimulus payment grows more likely by the day, with coronavirus surging and the fate of the economy hanging in the balance.
Coronavirus And The Arts: Maryland Humanities Giving Away $500K In Grants To Cultural OrganizationsMaryland Humanities has set up a $500,000 grant fund to help organizations that provide humanities programming get through the coronavirus pandemic, the organization said Friday.
Coronavirus Relief: More Than $9M Going Toward COVID-19 Housing Relief For MarylandersMore than $9 million is being directed to COVID-19 housing relief for Marylanders for tenant-based housing voucher recipients.
Lawsuit Filed In Maryland Says US Citizens With Immigrant Spouses Should Get Coronavirus Stimulus ChecksThe lawsuit was filed in Maryland on Tuesday on behalf of six American citizens who were denied coronavirus relief checks because they filed and paid taxes with a spouse who has what’s known as an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, or a way for immigrants without legal status to still pay federal taxes, which millions do.