CDC Study Finds Pfizer, Moderna Vaccines Are 90% Effective After Two Doses In Real-World ConditionsUnder real world conditions, the Pfizer and Moderna Covid-19 vaccines provide highly effective protection, according to a new report from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
CDC Director Warns Of 'Impending Doom' As COVID-19 Cases Spike In Most StatesMuch of America's recent progress against Covid-19 has been erased as new infections jump nationwide.
Conceivable That Unvaccinated Children Could Go To Camp, Playgrounds This Summer, Fauci SaysChildren may not need to be vaccinated for Covid-19 for parents to send them to camps or playgrounds this summer.
CDC Study: Virtual School Can Be Damaging To Children's Mental HealthVirtual instruction may pose more risks to the mental health and wellness of children and parents than in-person learning, according to a study published Thursday by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Maryland Adopts CDC's 3 Feet Physical Distancing Guidelines For K-12 SchoolsMaryland is lowering its physical distancing guidelines in classrooms from six feet apart to three feet apart.
'Concerning' U.K. COVID Variant Spreads More Easily, Affecting Younger Population, Maryland Officials SayAs Maryland continues to vaccinate people against the coronavirus, officials continue to monitor COVID variants in the state.
Fully Vaccinated People Can Visit Unvaccinated Family And Friends, But One Household At A Time, CDC Official SaysFully vaccinated people should feel free to visit their unvaccinated family and friends without restrictions, but visits should be limited to one unvaccinated household at a time, CDC officials say.
Updated CDC Guidance Says 3 Feet Of Physical Distancing Is Safe In SchoolsThe US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday is updating its physical distancing guidelines for children in schools from 6 feet to 3 feet.
Mask Mandates, Restaurant Restrictions Tied To Fewer Covid-19 Illnesses And Deaths, CDC Study SaysIn counties where states require masks, Covid-19 case and death rates slow down -- but in counties where states allow on-site restaurant dining, illness and death rates appear to speed up.
Former CDC Director Robert Redfield To Serve As Senior Public Health Adviser In Maryland's Fight Against COVID-19Former U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director Dr. Robert Redfield is joining Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan's team of advisors tasked with helping guide the state through the COVID-19 pandemic.
CDC Shares Distribution, Messaging Advice On Johnson & Johnson's New COVID-19 VaccineThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Friday updated state and local partners on distribution plans for Johnson & Johnson's new COVID-19 vaccine which is expected to be made available for ordering on Sunday, CBS News reports.