3 States Have Fully Vaccinated More Than 2/3 Of Residents. Elsewhere, Hospitals Are Overwhelmed With Unvaccinated COVID-19 Patients
Baltimore City Releases New COVID-19 Dashboard and Vaccine IncentiveThe city is now showing on its coronavirus dashboard the percentage of people vaccinated in neighborhoods to show the public how they’re making decisions about restrictions.
COVID-19 Numbers Continue To Rise After Labor Day Holiday WeekendSummer is coming to an end and with it, hopes of getting covid under control.
'Surprised And Disappointed.' Doctors In COVID-19 Hotspots Last Year Are Dealing With New Record HospitalizationsIn the Southeast, Georgia is now seeing its highest number of hospitalizations since the start of the pandemic, matching peaks experienced in January, according to HHS data.
CDC Launches Covid-19 Resources For People With Intellectual And Developmental DisabilitiesThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) created a COVID-19 toolkit with communication resources explaining in plain language how people with disabilities and caregivers can protect themselves from the virus.
Rates Of COVID-19 Hospitalizations For Children And Adults Under 50 Reach Their Highest Levels Yet, CDC Data ShowsThe pace of Covid-19 hospitalizations is surging across the US, with the rates for children and adults under 50 hitting their highest levels yet, according to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Parents Hold 'No More Mask In Schools' Protest In Harford CountyParents in Harford County are currently participating in a "no more masks in schools" protest in Harford County outside of a school board meeting. 
Baltimore Doctors Weighs In New CDC Guidance Urging Pregnant Women To Get COVID-19 VaccineThe CDC is urging pregnant women to get the coronavirus vaccine. Doctors said the real risk is getting covid and not the vaccines. Pregnant women are considered immune-compromised meaning if they get sick, it could be dangerous for both them and their baby.
Howard County Government Buildings Reopen To Public MondayHoward County Executive Calvin Ball announced Monday that all of the county's government buildings are open to the public. 
Eviction Moratorium Update: Without An Extension, What Happens To Renters After July 31?The CDC's eviction moratorium ends on July 31, which leaves renters uncertain about their future in an economy still recovering from COVID.
‘Our Numbers Are Up About 500%’ Maryland Pushes To Vaccinate As Covid Delta Variant Spreads; Still No Plans For Another Mask MandateThe CDC is now advising even fully vaccinated people to wear masks again indoors in areas with high transmission rates.
CDC Announces Fully Vaccinated Americans Should Wear Masks Again Inside Public Spaces In Places With 'High Transmission'The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is expected to announce a reversal on the mask mandate Tuesday, CBS News confirmed. 
CDC To Recommend Everyone In K-12 Schools Wear A Mask, Regardless Of Vaccination Status, In New GuidanceThe US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is expected to recommend everyone in K-12 schools wear a mask, regardless of their vaccination status, as it updates its masking guidelines on Tuesday, according to an administration health official.
'Superbug' Fungus Spread Reported In DC Area Nursing Home, CDC SaysU.S. health officials said Thursday they now have evidence of an untreatable fungus spreading in two hospitals and a nursing home.
Some Fully Vaccinated People May Still Get Sick If Exposed To Variants, CDC WarnsThe US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told CNN Friday that the agency is tracking the Delta coronavirus variant, among others -- and warned that there is a small chance a fully vaccinated person could still get infected if they're exposed.