Gift Cards Being Offered To Fishers Who Catch Tagged Northern SnakeheadsFound in parts of the Chesapeake Bay and the Blackwater River, the northern snakehead eats other fish, and is one of the top predators in the upper parts of the bay and the river.
Fewer Blue Crabs In The Chesapeake Bay "Continue A Worrying Trend"The number of blue crabs in the Chesapeake Bay is estimated to be at the lowest level observed since an annual survey tracking the population began in 1990, officials announced Thursday. 
EPA Awards $40M For Chesapeake Bay Restoration, Part Of 5-Year, $238M PlanThe funding is part of a five-year $238 million plan to clean up the 64,000-square-mile watershed, federal officials announced.
Historically Black Beach In Annapolis Gets More Than $5.2 Million For Public Park ProcessThe Maryland Board of Public Works has approved more than $5.2 million to turn a historically Black beach on the Chesapeake Bay into a public city park.
Work Underway To Remove 500 Containers From Ever Forward To Lighten LoadThe Ever Forward ran aground 24 feet deep into the mud on March 13.
Process To Refloat Ship Stranded In Chesapeake Bay Could Begin SaturdayThe process to refloat the Ever Forward could begin on Saturday.
Maryland Seeks Solutions For Ship Stuck In Chesapeake BayRescue efforts are being coordinated by the United States Coast Guard, with support from state agencies.
Crews To Remove Nearly 500 Containers On Ever Forward In Refloat Plan BThe Coast Guard said the operation should take two weeks, but that timeline could change for factors like weather
Stuck Cargo Ship Ever Forward Fails To Move ForwardSpectators were out at Downs Park in Anne Arundel County watching and waiting for the Ever Forward to finally move forward.
Try, Try Again To Free The Ever Forward In Chesapeake BayThe U.S. Coast Guard prepared a second attempt to free a stranded container ship Wednesday, more than two weeks after it ran aground in the Chesapeake Bay.
Initial Refloating Attempt For Grounded Ever Forward Set For TuesdayThe agency initially planned to free the ship last weekend, but a rainy forecast kept the operation from moving forward.