Hospitals Seeing An Increase In Cicada-Related Injuries, Doctors Urging People Not To PanicDon’t freak out if a cicada lands on you. Don’t run & don’t make violent movements because you could end up hurting yourself.
Love Them Or Hate Them, Cicadas Are Here For A Little While LongerWhether you love them or hate them, Brood X Cicadas are here for a little longer. Once they die off, the annual cicada will be singing in the trees.
Cicada Gives Abingdon Woman Surprise Of Her LifeWhen Kate Gallahue prepared to back out of her driveway to head to work, a cicada gave her the surprise of her life. 
As Maryland Heats Up, Cicadas Chirp LouderAcross our area, some of us have been seeing more and more cicadas over the last few days and some of them have been getting very loud.
Cicadas Likely Captured On Weather Radar In Maryland As Peak Season UnderwayCicadas are in peak around Maryland, covering everything outside and buzzing loudly. But they are so bad here, they are likely being captured on weather radar.
Fried, Old Bay Cicadas: Maryland Mother-Daughter Duo Share Recipe On LivestreamMother-daughter cooking team Dana and Maks Posner are frying up Baltimore-flavored Cicadas.
Couple Examines Baltimore County's Benjamin Banneker's Journal On CicadasBenjamin Banneker, the famous African-American scientist, is best known for surveying the land that became Washington D.C., but his work on cicadas largely has been overlooked until the couple started studying his journal at the Maryland Center for History and Culture.
FDA Says To Avoid Eating Cicadas 'If You're Allergic To Seafood'Cicadas might seem like a crispy, protein-packed snack, but people with seafood allergies should think twice about eating them, according to the US Food and Drug Administration.
Pets Eating An Occasional Cicada Is OK, But Don't Let Them Overdo ItThe Brood X Cicadas are out in full force in Harford County, and local pet experts said they're getting a lot of calls from concerned pet owners after their dog or cat has eaten them.
Chouquette Chocolates Is Selling Chocolate-Covered Cicadas, Shares Recipe A Maryland-based candy shop is selling chocolate-covered cicadas for the brave people who want to make the most out their emergence. 
Some Marylanders Are Seeing A Cicada Tsunami, While Others Haven't Seen Any, Expert Explains WhyWhen it comes to the cicadas they seem to cover some neighborhoods while avoiding others altogether.