Md. Crab Houses Spread Thin After Again Losing Visa Lottery For Immigrant WorkersMany Maryland crab processors are still struggling from a Trump administration policy that has left them without immigrant workers to pick crab meat.
You Can No Longer Buy Steamed Crabs With Food StampsSteamed crabs are cooked in hundreds of Maryland carryouts, but now they can no longer be purchased with food stamps.
Top 5 Maryland Crab Spots To Try This SummerWhere are the best crabs in Maryland?
Good News For Those Wanting To Eat Crabs For July 4July 4 is not only a holiday celebrating America, but it is an unofficial very busy working holiday for watermen and businesses that sell hard crabs.
Unusual Crab Pulled From The Chesapeake BayAn unusual crab has been pulled from the Chesapeake Bay.
State Senator Criticizes Governor's Firing Over Crab LimitsA state senator is criticizing the dismissal of a longtime official at the Department of Natural Resources.
Good News For Seafood Lovers As Md. Crab Population SurgesA new report by the Chesapeake Bay Program brings good news for Maryland crab lovers.
Sunday, July 3, 2016The Canton Dockside is stocked with crabs for your 4th of July celebration.
Saturday, June 25, 2016The Chesapeake Crab & Beer Festival returns to Baltimore's Waterfront for a third year! The festival is an "all-you-care-to-taste" extravaganza with over 30,000 crabs, lots of beer, arts and crafts, live music, family fun and much more. Access to the Festival is FREE for all.
Va. Gov. Takes Issue With 'Maryland Crabs' NameThe "Maryland crabs" distinction is being challenged by no less than the governor of Virginia---and it's brought a response from Maryland's governor.
Slow Start To Crab Season Means High Prices At The Dinner TableMaryland is in the middle of a major price surge on crabs. The bay crab season is getting off to a rough start. Some restaurants still have not served a single local crab.