Friday, Jan. 31, 2014Marty and Don had "Coffee With" James Brown and Dan Marino. They talked about this weekend's big game. Ron Matz had "People Are Talking" about Attman's Delicatessen and the Super Bowl.
Keidel: Who's Manning The Helm Better Than Peyton?It's not as toxic a topic as the New York/New Jersey border war, or as socially inflamed as the Richard Sherman saga. But, in a strictly sporting sense, it really is the topic du jour. If he wins Sunday's Super Bowl, is Peyton Manning the greatest quarterback in NFL history?
Keidel: Final Chapter In Manning Vs. Brady?No matter who has the edge Sunday, it seems the nation is rooting for Manning, because it's been harder for him to win, because he's not so pretty, because he's considered one of us, because you get the sense that his aw-shucks, southern refrain is real.
Steve Davis: Which Would You Rather Have--HOF Or Super Bowl?Shannon Sharpe made a very interesting point on Sunday. He said you are not allowed in the conversation of greatest QB ever if you haven't won a championship.
Dan Marino Speaks About The Ravens And The NFLDan Marino joined Ed and Steve this morning to talk about the Ravens' struggles and the NFL.
Hall Of Famer Dan Marino Gives His Thoughts On The AFC ChampionshipHall of fame quarterback Dan Marino joined Ed and Steve this morning to give his thoughts on Ravens/Patriots.
Steve Davis: Super Bowl Or Hall Of Fame?LT just retired, and said he'd rather be in the hall than win a ring. A lot of people have criticized him as being selfish...
Thursday, April 26, 2012Don and Marty had "Coffee With" Dan Marino. Ron Matz had "People Are Talking" about Fogo de Chao and Junior Achievement.