More Than 28K Unemployment Claims Filed Week Ending Feb. 13More than 28,000 unemployment claims were filed last week.
31.5K Marylanders Filed For Unemployment Last WeekThe number of Marylanders who filed for unemployment nearly tripled in just one week, according to the state's Department of Labor.
Maryland Department Of Labor To Beef Up Staffing, Customer Service To Help Unemployed File For AssistanceGov. Larry Hogan announced Thursday that the state would provide the Department of Labor an additional $15 million to help beef up staffing and customer service for residents needing assistance with unemployment or other services.
More Than 17K Applied For Unemployment In Maryland Last WeekMore than 17,000 Marylanders applied for unemployment insurance last week.
Maryland Unemployment Claims Nearly Double In One WeekUnemployment insurance claims in Maryland nearly doubled in just one week, according to new data released by the state's Department of Labor.
135,000 Marylanders Still Awaiting For Their Unemployment Claims To Be ProcessedAbout 135,000 Marylanders are still awaiting for the unemployment claims to be processed, according to Labor Secretary Tiffany Robinson.
Coronavirus Latest: More Than 37K Marylanders Filed For Unemployment Last WeekMore than 37,000 Marylanders filed for unemployment last week.
Job Openings Matches Number Of Unemployed For First Time In DecadesAccording to a new report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employers were advertising openings for 6.55 million positions in March. The May 8 release adds that 6.59 million Americans were unemployed at that time
Opinion: A Few Brave Newspapers Endorse Romney Fighting Tide Of Liberal PressThe newspapers that are not endorsing President Barack Obama are extremely brave. They are to be positively recognized for their courage to stand up against the onslaught of the liberal media which refuses to speak in the best interest of the country as the presidential election nears.
Opinion: 7.8% Unemployment Rate Is QuestionableObviously, one does not need a math degree of any sort to realize that something is amiss with these figures and thereby needs further explanation. It appears as though their number of those who found work, the number of new jobs created, or both are inaccurate.
Human Genome Sciences To Cut 114 Jobs In October Rockville-based Human Genome Sciences says it will be cutting 114 jobs.