Judge To Issue Decision On Federal Unemployment Benefits Class Action Lawsuit Hours Before Benefits ExpireJudge Fletcher Hill announced Friday that he will issue a written decision by 10 a.m. Saturday. The benefits expire Saturday at 11:59 p.m.
Unemployed Workers Union Files Class Action Lawsuit In Hopes That A Federal Judge Will Reinstate Enhanced BenefitsThe Federal Relief Act budgeted aid for states to provide additional relief for the unemployed through September 2021, however, in June, Governor Larry Hogan announced Maryland would be discontinuing the additional federal benefit.
Unemployed Workers Union File Class Action Lawsuit To Prevent End Of Federal BenefitsThe Unemployed Workers Union has filed a class-action lawsuit naming Governor Larry Hogan and Maryland Secretary of Labor, Tiffany Robinson, as defendants.
Gov. Hogan Talks Unemployment Claim Issues, Defends Ending Extra Federal Benefits After Some Outraged Over ProblemsJean Capps is outraged about glitches in Maryland’s BEACON unemployment system. She said she was unable to recertify her weekly claim like she usually does. Thousands of others are also posting their problems on social media.
Changes In Unemployment System Leaves Marylanders Frustrated While Attempting To Submit Weekly Claims On SundayAn unexpected change in Maryland's unemployment system on Sunday left many Marylanders frustrated while trying to submit their weekly claims. 
Unemployed Workers Blasts Gov. Hogan's Decision To End Additional Federal BenefitsThe Unemployed Workers Union is blasting Governor Larry Hogan’s recent decision planning to stop the additional 300 dollars in federal benefits, leaving tens of thousands of Marylanders with less cash in their pockets.
13K Unemployment Claims Filed In Maryland Last WeekMaryland unemployment claims went up last week from the previous week.
Unemployed Workers Rally, Demanding To Know When They Will Get Their MoneyIt's been more than a year since the pandemic forced businesses to close and thousands became unemployed. Outside the Maryland Department of Labor building Friday, many unemployed workers made their frustrations known.
More Than 11.6K Filed For Unemployment Last Week In MarylandMore than 11,600 people filed for unemployment last week in Maryland. 
More Than 12K Filed For Unemployment Insurance Last Week In MarylandMore than 12,000 unemployment insurance claims were filed last week in Maryland, according to numbers released by the state's Department of Labor Thursday.
More Than 28K Unemployment Claims Filed Week Ending Feb. 13More than 28,000 unemployment claims were filed last week.