A Look At Recent Struggles Facing The Baltimore Police ForceThe beleaguered Baltimore police force has been reeling from scandal to scandal as it tries to cope with a soaring violent crime rate.
ACLU: Baltimore Residents Lived In 'Police State' After Officer ShotThe American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland says body-camera footage from the days after a Baltimore police detective was fatally shot shows Harlem Park residents "living in a police state."
Police Announce Panel Members Reviewing Det. Sean Suiter's Murder CaseBaltimore Police Department officials released additional information on the independent panel reviewing the murder of detective Sean Suiter.
BPD Commissioner May Remove Homicide Unit From Suiter CaseCommissioner Darryl De Sousa told the Baltimore Sun it was unfair to have homicide detectives investigate Suiter's death from the start.
Attorney: Leader Of Corrupt BPD Task Force & Sean Suiter Investigated Phylicia Barnes Murder CaseAttorneys revealed that the disgraced leader of the Baltimore Police Department Gun Trace Task Force and Detective Sean Suiter both had a hand in investigating this case.
Store Owner Near Where Detective Was Murdered Says Police Seized Security CamsHe claims that police forcefully removed his video surveillance system and damaged it.
Baltimore Police Detective's Slaying Still A MysteryIn the nearly four months since Baltimore Detective Sean Suiter was shot in the head, his killing has become a baffling whodunit.
Acting BPD Commissioner To Bring Outside Consultant To Review Det. Suiter MurderThe acting Baltimore Police Department commissioner said he will bring in an outside consultant to review the case of Detective Sean Suiter, who was killed last year.
Testimony Of Detective Charged In Corruption Case Implicates Suiter In TheftsA Baltimore police detective who was killed in November was posthumously accused of being involved in corruption within the department.
Md. Elected Officials 'Disappointed' In FBI's Refusal To Take Over Suiter InvestigationMaryland elected officials are disappointed in the FBI's refusal to take over the investigation into the murder of Detective Sean Suiter.
ACLU Calls Police Lockdown Of Neighborhood After Detective Was Shot 'Constitutionally Suspect'The American Civil Liberties Union has called the Baltimore Police Department's lockdown of an entire neighborhood after Detective Sean Suiter was shot in November "constitutionally suspect."