Ask A Doc: Everything You Need To Know About DiabetesNovember was National Diabetes Month. WJZ's Nicole Baker spoke with LifeBridge Health Dr. Asha Thomas about what diabetes is and how to prevent getting at least one form of it.
Taxing Sugar Levels In Soda Could Prevent 2M US Cases Of Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Study SaysTaxes on sugary drinks, a new study has revealed, can lead to major health gains and reductions in health care costs — but just how much of a benefit they provide can vary by the design of the tax.
Using Olive Oil Instead Of These Foods Could Add Years To The Life Of Your Heart, Study SaysThe health benefits of the Mediterranean diet are renowned: Lots and lots of veggies, fruit, fish and olive oil have been shown to strengthen bones, improve brain health and reduce the risk for some cancers, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease and stroke.
Medtronic Recalls Certain MiniMed Diabetic Insulin Pumps Tied To 1 DeathMedtronic has recalled some of its insulin pumps after injuries and one death were reported due to the device malfunctioning, according to a US Food and Drug Administration announcement on Wednesday.
Festive Holiday Drinks Revealed To Contain Up To 23 Teaspoons Of SugarWe hate to ruin your festive cheer, but it turns out that ordering a pint of caramel-flavored hot chocolate topped with whipped cream may not actually be that good for you.
How Sleep Apnea Can Affect Your Diabetes RiskDid you know sleep apnea can increase your diabetes risk?
MDH Releases First Diabetes Action PlanThe Maryland Department of Health released its first Diabetes Action Plan that includes intervention strategies to help reduce diabetes in Maryland.
Holidays Can Be Happy And Healthy With DiabetesGetting together with friends and relatives is a favorite part of the holidays.
Dispelling Myths About Diabetes And Dieting: Are Sugar-Free Foods Best?Part of managing your diabetes is making conscious, healthful food choices. You don’t have to completely deprive yourself of scrumptious meals and snacks - balance is the key.
Diabetes Food Myths: Is Sea Salt Healthier Than Table Salt?Is sea salt healthier than table salt? Does late-night snacking really cause you to weight gain?
Diabetes Food Myths: Is Fresh Fruit Healthier Than Canned Or Frozen Fruits?In addition to exercise, nutrition is an important for managing diabetes.