House Observes Moment Of Silence For Rep. Elijah CummingsThe House has observed a moment of silence in honor of Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings, who died Thursday.
'A Friend To Everyone': Local Agencies That Worked With Rep. Elijah Cummings React To His DeathCummings was known for his work on racial justice and healthcare, among other issues. After his sudden death on Thursday morning, some of those groups are sharing their condolences.
Rep. Elijah Cummings' District Reacts To Congressman's Sudden DeathNews of longtime Baltimore Rep. Elijah Cummings' sudden death Thursday morning spread quickly through west Baltimore and beyond.
'A Legendary Son Of Baltimore' | Leaders Remember Rep. Elijah Cummings' Life And LegacyAs a "legendary son of Baltimore" has died, the community is mourning him and remembering his life, his work and the things he fought for.
Hours Before Passing, Cummings Signed Subpoenas Directed To Two US Immigration AgenciesIn one of his last official acts before his death, the late House Oversight and Reform Committee Chairman Elijah Cummings signed two subpoenas for documents related to a temporary end to a policy change that allowed some immigrants with severe health issues to remain in the US.
President Trump Calls Rep. Elijah Cummings A 'Highly Respected Political Leader,' Says It Will Be Hard To Replace Him After His Death“I got to see first hand the strength, passion and wisdom of this highly respected political leader,” Trump said in the tweet. “His work and voice on so many fronts will be very hard, if not impossible, to replace!”
Congressman Elijah Cummings Misses Hearing On D.C. Statehood To Undergo Medical ProcedureCongressman Elijah Cummings missed a hearing Thursday to undergo a medical procedure. 
Md. Lawmakers Claim Feds Use 'Predatory Bait & Switch Practices' To Detain Immigrants Seeking Marriage With CitizensThree Maryland congressmen are demanding ICE cease tactics used to arrest immigrants that they call "predatory bait and switch practices,"
President Trump Is Coming To Baltimore, Weeks After Twitter Insults. Here's What You Need To Know
Conservative Activist Leads Second Trash Clean-Up In Baltimore After Trump Tweets About CityFor the second time in two months, a conservative activist and other volunteers were out on the streets of Baltimore picking up trash and making the city cleaner.
PETA's Billboard Depicting 'Rich Pest' Resembling Jared Kushner Goes Up Along I-83The billboard shows a Kushner look-alike sitting on a pile of money next to a rat with a small wedge of cheese. The man has a "JK" pin on his suit jacket.