Heavy Rains Trigger Anxiety In Ellicott City With Some Still Reeling From Last Year's FloodRecent rains have waterlogged many Maryland streams and rivers, causing minor flooding in parts of the state.
Ellicott City Receives Multi-Million Dollar Boost To Repair Roads Following FloodsEllicott City is getting $3.6 million to help repair the roads damaged in the historic flooding last May.
Fate Of Ellicott City Buildings Uncertain Amid Demolition FearsThe future of Ellicott City's Main St. is in question again, as some buildings marked to be torn down as a part of a flood plan may instead remain standing.
Ellicott City 'Safe And Sound' Program Works To Keep Historic District AfloatAfter the two bouts of deadly and devastating flooding along Main Street in Ellicott City, there's now a new plan to keep the historic district afloat.
New Howard Co. Executive Yet To Decide On Ellicott City Flooding Control PlanThe newly elected county executive of Howard County is teetering on the decision to get behind a multi-million dollar plan that would protect historic Ellicott City against major flooding.
Ellicott City Leaders Approves $15 Million Proposal To Solve Flooding IssueHoward County leaders voted Monday to approved a multi-million proposal that could prevent future flooding.
Officials: 10 Buildings Have To Be Torn Down To Prevent Flooding In Ellicott CityLess than three months after deadly floodwaters blasted through Ellicott City, county leaders say they have a plan to protect the town.
Md. Congressmen Meet With Residents To Discuss Plans To Prevent Flooding In Ellicott CityMembers of Maryland congressional delegation met with residents in Howard County to discuss the devastating floods.
Laurel Throws Fundraisers For Ellicott City Rebuild With Block PartyFriday night, the City of Laurel threw a block party on their own Main Street with the intention of helping rebuild Ellicott City.
Macy's Launches Campaign To Aid Ellicott City RecoveryMacy's stores across Maryland are teaming up to help rebuild Ellicott City after deadly flooding swept through the town, causing catastrophic damage in May.
MEMA Report Reveals Goals, Improvements For Emergency ActionIn Ellicott City, where it took months to recover from a flood two years ago, repairs to infrastructure re-opened Main Street much faster, with state and local agencies learning from 2016 flooding.