Some Talbot County Waterways Reclassified For Shellfish HarvestingThe Maryland Department of the Environment has reclassified parts of two Talbot County waterways for shellfish harvesting.
Teen Angler Sets Maryland Record For Reeling In Rare FishA 14-year-old from Easton now holds the first ever state record for a warm water fish called the Florida pompano.
Fun In The Sun: 5 Things To Do In Maryland This SummerEach day this week during Coffee With, Linh Bui and Tim Williams will show you fun things to do around Maryland this summer.
Man Fishing Near Ocean City, Maryland Catches Glimpse Of Sea Turtle Swimming NearbyA Pennsylvania man fishing off the coast of Ocean City, Maryland, captured video of a sea turtle swimming alongside his boat.
Whale Spotted Off Coast Of Ocean CityA fishing company, Chasin' Tides Charters, saw this whale swimming over the surface off the coast of Ocean City earlier this week. 
Fish Without A License In Maryland On These Days This SummerDon't have a license to fish? It won't be a problem on June 1, June 8 and July 4 when Maryland will allow license-free fishing.
Harvest Of Dogfish Shark To Be Cut To Avoid OverfishingFederal regulators say there will be a reduction this year in the harvest of a species of shark that is subject to commercial fishing.
Angler Catches Record-Breaking Fallfish In Upper PotomacA Baltimore County man set a Maryland record for fallfish caught in the Upper Potomac.
Mackerel Harvest Will Be Scaled Back For The Rest Of 2019Mackerel fishing vessels will be prohibited from fishing for more than 20,000 pounds of mackerel per trip from Tuesday to the end of the year.
Maryland Man Breaks State Record For 'Prehistoric' Longnose Gar CatchA Maryland man set a new state record for catching a 17.9-pound longnose gar.
Whales Have Worse Than Average Year For Getting Tangled In Fishing GearThe NOAA released a report on the subject of whale entanglement Thursday. The agency says the number of cases nationally was 76, and 70 of the entanglements involved live animals, while the rest were dead.