Mackerel Harvest Will Be Scaled Back For The Rest Of 2019Mackerel fishing vessels will be prohibited from fishing for more than 20,000 pounds of mackerel per trip from Tuesday to the end of the year.
Maryland Man Breaks State Record For 'Prehistoric' Longnose Gar CatchA Maryland man set a new state record for catching a 17.9-pound longnose gar.
Whales Have Worse Than Average Year For Getting Tangled In Fishing GearThe NOAA released a report on the subject of whale entanglement Thursday. The agency says the number of cases nationally was 76, and 70 of the entanglements involved live animals, while the rest were dead.
Big Changes About Small Fish Might Be In Store For FishermenThe little herring is one of the most important fish on the East Coast, and federal fishing managers on Tuesday will consider a host of potentially major changes to the industry that harvests the species.
Debris Has Crabbers Concerned After Heavy RainsThe slew of debris from as far as upstate New York is now hitting our region after officials were forced to open gates on the Conowingo Dam in the Susquehanna River. This is due to the rain that pounded the area last week.
Bassmasters Elite Postponed Due To Water ConditionsThe Bassmaster Elite at Upper Chesapeake Bay that was scheduled for the weekend was postponed due to water conditions following heavy rainstorms across Maryland.
Libraries Renting Fishing Rods To Promote Outdoor Activities For KidsSeveral local libraries are teaming up with the Maryland Department of Natural Resources to loan out not only books but also rods and other fishing equipment.
Maryland DNR Asking Fishermen To Catch And Kill Invasive CatfishIt seems two invasive species of catfish are taking over Maryland waterways and now the Department of Natural Resources wants area fishermen to kill them.
State Funds Screens To Block 'Fishing' At Detention CenterA rash of "fishing" for contraband — including drugs, weapons and phones — out prison windows has prompted the state on Wednesday to approve spending for metal screens in 96 cells at a Baltimore detention facility.
Same Fishing Crew Catches 2nd Rare Opah Fish In 2 Weeks Off Md. CoastLast month, 62 miles off the coast of Ocean City, Austin Ensor caught the surprise of his life. He got another one this past weekend.
2 Sharks Caught & Released Off Ocean City BeachThree 17-year-olds received quite the surprise this weekend when they reeled in two sharks off the shore of Ocean City, Maryland.