Federal Workers Back To Work After 16-Day ShutdownBy the thousands, furloughed federal workers began returning to work across the country Thursday after 16 days off the job due to the partial government shutdown.
Md. Family Struggles As Bills Pile Up And The Government Remains Shut DownFifteen days into the government shutdown, thousands of Maryland workers are now going into a third week without pay and really feeling the pinch.
At Least 26,000 File For Unemployment In D.C., Md. Amid ShutdownFurloughed federal government workers have filed more than 10,000 claims for unemployment benefits in the District of Columbia as the government shutdown has persisted nearly a week.
Civilian Naval Academy Faculty Return To WorkClasses are returning to normal at the U.S. Naval Academy as all civilian faculty return after being furloughed last week due to the partial federal government shutdown.
Shutdown Keeps NTSB From Investigating Fatal Metro Accident Federal transportation safety officials say they have decided against sending investigators to the site of a fatal welding accident in a Metro subway tunnel in Washington because of the government shutdown.
Tensions Reach Boiling Point As Government Shutdown Heads Into WeekendPresident Obama wants a temporary bill on his desk with no strings attached. That's the message he is sending to House Republicans, as the partial government shutdown heads into the weekend.
President Obama Cancels Trip To Asia As Government Shutdown Enters 4th DayLate Thursday night, President Obama cancels a planned trip to Asia, with no end to the government shutdown in sight.
Government Shutdown Won't Halt Navy/Air Force Football GameSome of those hardest hit by the shutdown are military service academies. This weekend's big Navy/Air Force game had been in limbo...until Wednesday night! Military sources say the Midshipmen will take the field after all.
Shutdown Leaves Thousands In D.C. Area In LimboThe usually bustling District of Columbia will be uniquely affected Wednesday by the first government shutdown in 17 years, with thousands of federal employees who make up the backbone of the metro area's workforce ordered not to report to work.
MARC Tweaks Schedule For Furloughed FedsWith many furloughed federal workers in the nation's capital going home early Tuesday, MARC commuter rail is adjusting its afternoon schedule.
Washington Tug Of War Continues: Furlough Would Cost Md. $51MThe budget battle continues to heat up in Washington. The Senate passed a bill that would continue to fund the government. But the House is expected to put up a lot of opposition.