Sticker Shock At Maryland's Gas PumpsIf you went to the gas pump this holiday weekend, you probably had some sticker shock as prices have jumped nearly a quarter in a month.
How Political Unrest Could Attack Your Pocketbook As Gas Prices IncreaseExperts say this is an example of how political unrest in oil producing countries can attack your pocketbook.
Here's Why Gas Prices Are Up 31 Percent From Last Memorial DayGet ready for sticker shock at the gas station if you're one of the estimated 41.5 million Americans hitting the roads this Memorial Day weekend.
Gas Prices On The Rise Ahead Of SummerThe gas prices at the intersection of York and Seminary reflect what's been happening in at gas stations across Maryland.
Maryland Drivers Paying More For Gas Versus Same Time Last YearGas prices are on the rise, and Maryland drivers are paying about 30 cents more than the same period last year.
Drivers Finally Seeing Relief At The Pump After Hectic Hurricane SeasonIt's been a rough few weeks for drivers who have been feeling the pain at the pump in the wake of several natural disasters.
Average US Gas Price Drops 7 Cents As Refineries Bounce BackThe average price of a gallon of regular-grade gasoline fell 7 cents nationally over the past two weeks, to $2.62.
Gas Prices Spike As Refineries Remain ShutGas prices hit a high for the year on Labor Day as refineries work to recover after Harvey.
Maryland Drivers Expected To Travel Labor Day Weekend Despite Rising Gas PricesThe shortage of gasoline after Hurricane Harvey is about to have some Maryland drivers shelling out more cash. 
Gas Prices Surge Higher As Drivers Rush To Fill Their TanksGasoline prices rose several cents overnight amid continuing fears of shortages in Texas and several other states in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey's strike on the Gulf Coast.
Expert: Marylanders Should Expect To See Rise At Pumps In Wake Of HarveyMaryland drivers prepare to feel some pain at the pump. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, more than a dozen oil refineries have slammed the doors shut. Meaning less gas nationwide.