Gas Prices Hold Steady As Production Picks Up, At $2.77 Per Gallon In MarylandMarylanders are currently paying an average of $2.77 a gallon. That's up a penny from last week, but down from $2.84 last month. 
AAA: Maryland, National Gas Price Averages DecreaseMaryland drivers are seeing a slow decrease in prices at the gas pump, according to AAA Mid-Atlantic. 
Gas Prices Expected To Hit $3 Per Gallon By Memorial Day, Experts SayThe national average for a gallon of gas is now at $2.89, and it's expected to reach $3 by Memorial Day, experts say.
AAA: Maryland Gas Prices Continue To Climb, National Average Nearly $3 Per GallonThe national average price for a gallon of gas is nearly $3. Here in Maryland, we are paying slightly less than the national average, at $2.84 a gallon.  
Gas Prices Continue To Climb As Supply Tightens, Demand Increases, AAA SaysGas prices continue to climb across the U.S., with average prices jumping double digits in every state since Friday, AAA said Monday.
Maryland Gas Prices Continue To ClimbGas prices continue to climb in Maryland and across the nation. Prices at the pump are at their highest daily total since August 2019.
Two Months Into 2021, Maryland Gas Prices Already Higher Than Highest Point Of 2020, AAA SaysJust two months into 2021 and gas prices are already higher than the highest point of 2020. 
AAA: Maryland Gas Price Average Up 15 Cents In The Last WeekSince last Friday, gas prices across Maryland have increased by at least 15 cents, according to AAA. 
Maryland Gas Prices Hold Steady As 2021 BeginsThe new year has started, but prices at the gas pump in Maryland and across the nation are holding steady. 
Gas Prices Hit Highest Level Since Mid-March, AAA SaysGas prices are at their highest since mid-March when stay at home orders were first issued in many parts of the country, according to AAA. 
Uptick In Gas Demand Pushes Local And National Averages Higher, AAA Mid-Atlantic SaysSince Monday, Maryland drivers have seen an increase at the pump, mirroring the national average, according to AAA Mid-Atlantic.