Marylanders Fill Up Their Tanks After Gas Tax Suspension Becomes LawMarylanders are seeing some relief at the gas pumps this weekend after Gov. Larry Hogan signed emergency legislation that suspends the state’s 36-cent-per-gallon gas tax. 
Curio Wellness Giving Away $40K In Gift Cards To Help Customers Pay For GasCurio Wellness, a Maryland-based medical cannabis company, is giving away $40,000 in Royal Farms gift cards to help patients save a little green at the pump.
Senate, House Expected To Pass Gas Tax Legislation In Maryland ThursdayMaryland Senate and House lawmakers are poised to pass gas tax legislation on Thursday. 
Hearings Held On Fast-Tracked Bill For Gas Tax Holiday In MarylandAn increasing number of governors and state lawmakers across the United States are calling for the suspension of gas taxes, according to a CBS News report.
Some Truckers Profits Go Straight Into Fuel Tank As Gas Prices Continue To ClimbTruckers say the prices are getting out of control.
‘Perfect Storm’: Gas, Airfare And Food Prices Surge In Maryland As War Rages In UkraineAccording to one investment research firm, the average family will spend at least one thousand dollars more on groceries this year than last year. 
Rising Gas Prices Especially Hurt Drivers Who Provide Ride ServicesThe price of gas is taking a toll on drivers—especially those who drive for a living.
Panic At The Pump: Marylanders Grapple With High Gas PricesThis weekend, Maryland gas prices reached an all-time high.
Baltimore Boutique Works Around Surging Inflation To Maintain PricesThough most items cost more now than they did a year ago, a Baltimore boutique isn't on board with charging customers more.
Here's How Your Gas Could Hit $5 A Gallon$150 oil is more than double today's Brent price of about $73.50.
Thanksgiving Gas Prices Are The Highest Since 2012Gas prices spiked in October by $1.13 a gallon, the biggest year-over-year increase since the EIA started collecting these numbers in 1990.