Gas Prices Are On The Rise Again During Summer Travel SeasonWith the country on the move again and in the midst of the summer travel season, prices at the gas pump are on the rise.
Maryland Gas Prices Steady As Demand Increases, Stocks Grow, AAA SaysThe average price of gas in Maryland is $2.96 Friday, which is down 3 cents from last week, 10 cents in the last month, and up 83 cents from this date last year, according to the AAA Mid-Atlantic Public and Government Affairs Department's Maryland office.
AAA Is Projecting That Summer Travel Will Sky Rocket As COVID Restrictions RelaxAAA predicts travel will skyrocket this summer, following last summer’s lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Colonial Pipeline Back Up, But It Could Take Days To Return To Normal Due To 'Panic Buying' Of GasThe Colonial Pipeline restarted at 5 p.m. but that didn't stop some panic buying in Baltimore, despite Maryland officials asking residents not to hoard gas.
Maryland 'Drivers Should Proceed As Normal,' Officials Say Don't 'Panic Buy' Gas After Colonial Pipeline HackHackers targeted the Colonial Pipeline, which runs right through Maryland, supplying 45 percent of the fuel on the East Coast.
Gas Prices Hold Steady As Production Picks Up, At $2.77 Per Gallon In MarylandMarylanders are currently paying an average of $2.77 a gallon. That's up a penny from last week, but down from $2.84 last month. 
AAA: Maryland, National Gas Price Averages DecreaseMaryland drivers are seeing a slow decrease in prices at the gas pump, according to AAA Mid-Atlantic. 
Gas Prices Expected To Hit $3 Per Gallon By Memorial Day, Experts SayThe national average for a gallon of gas is now at $2.89, and it's expected to reach $3 by Memorial Day, experts say.
AAA: Maryland Gas Prices Continue To Climb, National Average Nearly $3 Per GallonThe national average price for a gallon of gas is nearly $3. Here in Maryland, we are paying slightly less than the national average, at $2.84 a gallon.  
Gas Prices Continue To Climb As Supply Tightens, Demand Increases, AAA SaysGas prices continue to climb across the U.S., with average prices jumping double digits in every state since Friday, AAA said Monday.
Maryland Gas Prices Continue To ClimbGas prices continue to climb in Maryland and across the nation. Prices at the pump are at their highest daily total since August 2019.