Maryland Lawmakers Rush To Pass Bills, Including One That Bans Ghost GunsIn less than three weeks, the Maryland General Assembly will wrap up its legislative session and lawmakers are furiously trying to pass whatever bills are still a priority.
Maryland Lawmakers Aim To Ban Untraceable Ghost GunsLawmakers testified in front of a Judicial Proceedings Committee about a bill that would ban ghost guns in Maryland on Wednesday.
Baltimore Leaders Join Hearing On Bill To Ban Ghost Guns In MarylandA devasted mother who lost her son to gun violence pleaded with lawmakers in Annapolis to make a change. She said someone shot her son with a ghost gun.
Advocates Rally for Maryland Lawmakers to Ban Ghost GunsGhost guns are firearms made with parts purchased online that allow people to skirt background checks.
Mayor Scott, Commissioner Harrison Join Frosh In Pushing For 'Ghost Gun' BanBaltimore Mayor Brandon Scott and Police Commissioner Michael Harrison joined Maryland Attorney General Brian Frosh and officials from across the state on Thursday to push for a ban on homemade firearms known as "ghost" guns.
Attorney General Frosh Announces 2022 Legislative PrioritiesAttorney General Frosh announced his priority legislation for the 2022 General Assembly session on Monday. 
Attorney General Brian Frosh Calls For Tighter Regulations On Ghost GunsFrosh is now joining attorneys general from around the country in calling on the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to finalize regulations that would classify ghost guns as firearms.
More Criminals Are Using 'Ghost' Guns To Commit Violent Crimes In Baltimore, Making It Difficult For Police To TraceEvery year, Baltimore earns the dubious distinction as one of the most violent cities in America. Each year, more than 300 people lose their lives in crimes in our city -- and increasingly those crime involve ghost guns.
Measure To Ban 'Ghost Guns' In Maryland To Have HearingA bill to ban untraceable "ghost guns" is being considered by state lawmakers.