Maryland Small Businesses Struggle Amid Government ShutdownFor them, it's not just lost sales, some are losing staff. Others say they can't get the permits they need to keep operating. They say all of these issues are a ripple effect of this nearly month-long shutdown.
Air BnB Offers 'Night On Us' To Federal Employees Hosts During ShutdownFederal executive branch employee hosts have the chance to receive some extra financial support through this program. 
Chef José Andrés Will Serve Free Meals Daily To Furloughed Federal Workers In WashingtonIn the past few years renowned chef José Andrés and his nonprofit have served millions of free meals to needy Americans after such natural disasters as Hurricane Maria and the California wildfires.
State Agencies Assist Maryland Federal Workers Facing 'Challenging Times'Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot announced that his office will assist federal workers and furloughed employees as the government shutdown nears its fourth week.
Maryland Estimates Shutdown Impact On State ResidentsMaryland officials estimate the ongoing federal government shutdown is affecting about 172,000 residents in the state.
Shutdown Leaves Maryland's Federal Workers Without PayAs of Friday, 800,000 federal workers in Maryland and around the country are no longer getting paid as the shutdown over a border wall with Mexico drags on.
Baltimore Furloughed US Workers, Contractors Eligible For Water Bill Late Fee Waiver, Payment PlansThe waiver will specifically be for those employees and contractors who are customers of the Baltimore City water system.
Federal Workers Get $0 Pay Stubs As Shutdown Drags OnFederal workers received pay stubs Friday with nothing but zeroes on them as the effects of the government shutdown hit home.