WEATHER BLOG: Sunny SundayA moisture-starved cold front associated with the Great Lakes disturbance will cross the region this afternoon.
WEATHER BLOG: Mild, Almost Warm Radar is showing some bands of rain or showers moving from west to east across the region, so I thought a simple wording of "rain at times" would work out for the afternoon.
Aquatic Disruption: Zebra Mussels Spotted In Chesapeake BayAn aquatic hitchhiker, which caused millions in damage, is being spotted in Maryland in the upper Chesapeake Bay.
WEATHER BLOG: Clouds Wednesday, Sun ThursdayClouds should manage to dim the sun at times around here Wednesday. That plume of moisture in the mid and upper levels will eventually be pushing off shore early Wednesday night, and the sky should become mostly clear late Wednesday night.
WEATHER BLOG: Black FridayWhile Friday is starting out fairly sunny and chilly, the afternoon will be quite mild. And as a cold front, which is currently bringing some shower activity to the eastern Great Lakes and Ohio early this morning, reaches the I-95 corridor this evening, there will at least be more in the way of clouds seen around here.
WEATHER BLOG: A Nice StartThe great beginning to the day will feature a fair amount of sunshine, and winds generally out of the south and southwest will be fairly light.
WEATHER BLOG: NiceA nice weather pattern-- which we've been enjoying for much of the week-- only looks like it'll be every bit as pleasant Thursday and Friday.
WEATHER BLOG: Showers & StormsRounds of showers and thunderstorms will continue until the remnant center of Isaac clears us later this week.
WEATHER BLOG: Mild TuesdayA few showers and thunderstorms erupted over the central Appalachians Monday, and these managed to drift into Baltimore (at least the showers did) shortly after 7 o'clock Monday evening.
WEATHER BLOG: Rain UpdateA frontal zone separating hot summery air from cooler Atlantic air will stretch from eastern Ontario to just east of the Delaware River. Moisture converging across the frontal zone will bring patchy clouds and a few scattered mainly afternoon thunderstorms north of the city.
WEATHER BLOG: Dry Now...Rain LaterA few showers during the night have brought some welcome rain to the Greater Baltimore Area, but most of these have been very light, only managing about a tenth of an inch.