Maryland Reports Nearly 1,400 New COVID-19 Cases, Hospitalizations DeclineMaryland's overall COVID-19 death toll stands at 14,185 after increasing by eight over the past 24 hours.
DOJ Appeals Federal Ruling On Transportation Mask MandateThe appeal is a risky move that could limit the government's ability to make similar mandates in the future.
Is Wearing A Mask While Traveling Still Helpful If You're The Only One?When one person is masked and others are not, it's called one-way masking.
COVID-19 Cases Trend Up Again In The US, Driven By The Growth Of BA.2
Inflammation Could Be The Reason For COVID-19 Loss Of Smell, Hopkins Study FindsAnosmia--loss of smell--is a frequent and sometimes long-term symptom associated with COVID-19 infections.
Over 50 Maryland Health Providers Join Federal COVID-19 Testing, Treatment InitiativeAt Maryland pharmacies and health partners participating in the Test to Treat initiative, people are able to get a rapid COVID-19 test and -- if they test positive -- can get the appropriate treatment or prescription filled all at one location. 
What We Know About BA.2 -- Now The Dominant Cause Of Covid-19 In The USMost predictions about BA.2 in the US haven't been dire.
Where The US Stands On Covid-19 Vaccines For Children Under 5
As BA.2 Grows In The US, Experts Look To Other Countries To Predict Its Impact HereBA.2 caused about 35% of cases in the US last week, up from 22% the week before, according to new estimates from the CDC.
Do You Have A Cold, The Flu Or Covid-19? Experts Explain How To Tell The DifferenceThe illnesses all share similar symptoms, sometimes making it hard to distinguish which is putting you under the weather.
Children’s Antibody Responses To COVID-19 Stronger Than Adults’, Hopkins Study FindsThe findings of the study differ from earlier reports of low antibody responses in children who had been infected.